SPACE ENERGY CLEARING TIPS: How To Clear Negative Energy In Your Home & Office

Have you thought about clearing the energy of your home or office of old or negative energy? There is something refreshing about cleansing your home space regularly – Feel energised and allow new things into your life. This is something I love to do – Let me share some tips!


It’s funny how life works sometimes – I was looking for inspiration on a topic I could get started on… I know there are so many I have to work on but today I just wanted to be guided somehow to choose the right one… so after the meditation session at my home, I ventured out to a cute little shop around the corner from my place that sell hand-made incense sticks, herbs and all kinds of things to cleanse energy. The owner is such a lovely guy and even has his own lab behind the shop where he puts his oils and incense sticks together lol. Fab!

Anyway, I was minding my own business choosing a few things I could get for the therapy room and the owner was in a deep conversation with an elder lady about cleansing her home and how important it was to do it regularly etc…

…And there it was – my topic for today lol 🙂 … So let’s get started!

Why should you cleanse the energy of your home?

No matter whether you live in a huge castle or rent a room in a shared flat, space clearing can be done! After all, this is the place you return to daily – to recharge, renew and rest… so why not make this space as nourishing, inspiring, creative and full of positive energy as possible! Your home is a sacred space 🙂

When to practise space clearing?

  • When you are moving to a new place
  • Important to do on a regular basis – at least once every fortnight
  • Old houses collect more energy and need more clearing regularly
  • As part of your regular meditation/yoga routine
  • Whenever you need a boost in your energy levels
  • When you have just had an argument or felt negative energy in a situation

Things you can use for energy cleansing your home:

✨ Time for a clear-out!

Every object we own has an energy cord related to us, even when we don’t think that object means anything special. And over the years, we can tend to collect objects and accumulate energies that no longer serve us and energetically drain us. So, having a clear out is a great way of really getting down and seeing what it is that you physically own that serves you for now – and in the future – clothing, household objects, etc. This will open up your energy space, get rid of the old and makes space for the new. If you think your space is looking empty after your clear-out – don’t worry, because this is just the beginning of an invitation to the Universe to draw in what you need to fill that space with!

Get some plants – flowers, cactus and aloe vera

This is probably the most easiest way to clear the negative energy in a home – invite nature into your space and you’ll feel the difference! Plants are natural balancers and healers. They cleanse our air and calm our souls. Having plants at home also look beautiful! Maybe you could have a weekly vase of fresh flowers in your bedroom. Cactus and aloe vera plants are also said to be natural cleansers (and are so easy to maintain lol!).

✨ Singing bowls

How bliss-full they sound! I’m a huge fan of gong meditations so singing bowls are an easy portable method of balancing out the energy. Work it around the room, particularly in the corners and doorways where negative energy tend to accumulate more.

Fresh air and sunshine

Another simple tip is to make a habit of opening the window regularly – let in the light and fresh air regularly!

Burn sage, incense and essential oils

Sage has long been used in many traditions to bless spaces and sacred areas – also known as smudging. Burn sage to do a deep cleanse. Again, work on the corners and doorway spaces often with this. See the video above for a full version of a smudging technique 🙂

Incense is great too – although I do tend to use this sparingly as I’m not a fan of smokey environments. I might light it in the morning and pass it around the room in a clock-wise motion for a few times, before turning it off.

A prefered option that I like is burning essential oils in an oil burner… not smokey and lasts for ages! You can also create your own room spray with essential oils – get a spritz bottle and fill it to almost full with distilled water, then add a few drops of your essential oil in it. There you have it! Use as an alternative to air fresheners. I like to carry this around with me so wherever I am, I can easily spray my office or space.

Spiritual incense and essential oils are myrrh, sandalwood and frankincense – they have a very woody deep feeling to them.

Choose a smell that suits you and feels good – there are usually so many blends out there that you can choose from too! Experiment and enjoy 🙂

Create a creative meditation space or alter

The video above pretty much covers it all! Creating this sacred space within your home is like having a mini-retreat to return to daily lol! This is your space to fill with gorgeous little objects that remind you of your spiritual truths.

✨ Only invite positive people to your home

This is something that not many people mention but I felt I had to include – if your home is a special place, why would you want anything negative – especially negative people – to be in there? Choose your company at home carefully. If you’re sharing a home with others (tenants, flat mates etc), keep your bedroom space positive in energy as this is where you sleep – a space where we connect with the universe and recharge.

✨Bless your doorway

Your doorway is the place where you literally enter the outside world from the comfort of your own space. Bless your doorway by keeping it cleansed, clear and you could also create your own ritual for when you leave your home by saying an affirmation when you are about to go through your door, like a blessing for the day ahead!

✨ Remove shoes at the door space

As well as keeping the area of your home clear from dirt collected outside, it will do the same for the negative energy. Negative energy is said to be low-laying lol… this is why yoga places and meditation spots like people to remove shoes at the door before entering. Being barefoot at home also gets you grounded again and re-connects your lower chakras to the your physical Self.

✨ Crystals & Candles

Candles create an amazing environment as well as a spiritual one, where we are literally reminded to focus on the light lol!

Crystals keep our energy clear by storing and protecting us from old stagnant energy, keeping flow going.

  • Selenite absorbs negative energy and is widely used in space clearing and personal clearing. Place some selenite tumbled stones around the home, near the front and back doors and one in each room.
  • Citrine can be used in the prosperity corner of the home, which is usually the back left corner of the house when looking in from the front door.
  • Clear quartz crystals can be used also to bring in positive energy, please see our information on cleansing and programming crystals first.
  • Amethyst is a lovely gentle healing stone and can be placed in bedrooms and especially in the centre of the house or office if possible.
  • Rose quartz can be used in the back right corner of the home for relationship issues and to bring heart healing energy into the home.
  • Malachite in the front right side of the home can help with friend issues and can also be beneficial for distance healing friends in need.

You might have other crystals that you use often – trust your instincts and what you are drawn to use!

Cleanse your crystals regularly also, by soaking them in a  distilled water/sea salt mix for 24 hours and this will renew its properties. Do this once a week.

✨ Colours and art

Colours are very healing – I did a post on this a while back, so have a look here 🙂 – we use colour to set our mood, energy and connect with certain chakras. Start by choosing a colour that you are drawn to and find out what it means and use it in your home around you.

Surround your Self with pictures that inspire you 🙂

✨ Get an ioniser and air purifier

This is now widely available in many household shops and is great for clearing up the impurities in our air – especially if you live in a city environment!

✨ Avoid harsh chemical household cleaning products

If you’re doing loads of energy cleansing and getting rid of negative energy in your home, then using household products that are non-toxic may even help boost the energy of a space. Toxic products just add to the negative energy I think. There are many websites that show you how to create your own home cleaners – here is a search I did on that might inspire you! . Or look for a company that uses plant based ingredients, such as ECOVER

Phew! … I think that’s it… These are the main ones I can think of for now – I might update this later if any others come up lol . As always, please feel free to “Like” below and share with others that might find this useful!

Happy space clearing 🙂

4 thoughts on “SPACE ENERGY CLEARING TIPS: How To Clear Negative Energy In Your Home & Office

  1. Awesome summary! I have read a lot about these methods, and have since returned all the books to the library. I was looking for a quick refresher, for the techniques I want to add to my current routine. This was just what I needed, and brought up a few things I have forgotten. Thanks!

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