Ever since I was a child, I was obsessed with the Moon for some reason… it calmed and grounded me, even as a restless kid on a skateboard. Then, I somehow swapped my skateboard for the yoga mat and this part of my journey just kept growing stronger. This is why I have put this online course together – to share the tips and techniques that I use in my own journey and with clients.

It has been a long process. After many years of being frustrated that I could not connect to some meditation practices – And even having meditation teachers continue to tell me that I “should” do meditations in a certain way, I finally found the missing piece to my personal practice. Even during my Kundalini yoga teacher training, I was puzzled why I could not connect to certain meditation and kriya practices. And it came back to learning about my Moon. This is true for many of my clients too.

This course shares advanced ways to connect to your natal Moon – The Moon in your personal astrology chart. From your childhood, your Moon is a reflection of how you were… And as we grow older, the Moon becomes an essential part of learning how to nurture our Self fully. It offers healing tools that are right for our unique energy. The reason why some meditation and Self-care practices may not suit your energy is that it does not connect to your Moon. So, knowing the energy of your Moon and how to tune in is an integral part of any Self-care practice and meditation routine. It is the foundation for any psychology, therapy and yoga/meditation practices.

So, we will dive into all of these easy-to-follow advanced techniques. It’s great for complete beginners, as well as therapists who are seeking new techniques to work with their clients. I share the original 3-Part webinar and add more videos (over 3 hours of video content in total) with energy exercises and journal inspiration. You will also learn about your natal chart and how to ground that energy into your meditation and Self-care practices.

For parents with young children – This has also been an inspiration because I have many clients who have young children and I always share that the Moon of your child will be an important part of how to nurture and understand your child, even as they grow older. So, I also recommend these techniques to use with your children. It’s great when parents also share their meditation and Self-care routines with their children.


As a special offer from the launch (we launched in the latest lunar eclipse) – I am doing this online course for only $25 this month. If you want 1 month of email support included, buy the course this month and I will be there by email to answer your questions and to share any tips if needed.


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