Travel Tips For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

Travelling can be one of life’s most amazing – and challenging – experiences that can expand our Self awareness. Here are some practical tips for empaths and HSPs to maintain energy and inspiration on the journey!

Empaths and HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) are people who easily pick up things in their external world (such as stress levels, other people’s emotions, the energy levels etc.), often to the point where it can change their own energy levels and affect emotions. People from all walks of life and life experiences (including extroverts and outgoing people) also can be empaths and HSPs. In this modern-day, we are constantly bombarded with information and lead a hectic lifestyle. So, more and more people are also learning to become aware and gain this sensitivity.

There are many times in our life where we may be challenged because of this sensitivity. This is a beautiful gift in many ways, but it can also be overwhelming too! Travelling is one of these areas that can bring up a lot for everyone – This is the time where we are most often taken out of our usual comfort zone and experiencing new environments.

With these simple tips, you can use your natural strengths to enjoy travelling and embracing new experiences.


🌟 Trust your intuition! And let it guide your way… 

Empaths and HSPs usually have amazing intuition. Sometimes, we choose to ignore it – but they rarely are wrong. This is one of the strengths of having this sensitivity. And the more we tap into it, the more we can gain information and insight into our daily actions. Allow your intuition space to thrive and watch how it brings you new opportunities too!

With travel, you could start by tapping into your intuition and inner guidance on where you would like to visit. Even before you start your trip or make plans, allow your intuitive Self to enjoy the feelings of where you want to go.

Remember, travel does not have to be somewhere far… it could be as easy as checking out a town nearby.

And when you do make a trip, keep the intuitive flow going (especially with safety). Over the years, this has been one of the most amazing tools to discovering things along my travels.

✅ Reflection Questions: Does [Fill in name of location] make me feel excited to visit? What have I always wanted to learn about this place? What inspires me about this place?

🌟 Research some green spaces and quiet spots to visit

Whether you are travelling to a hectic city location or a quiet rural place, it can be really grounding to find places that are in nature and/or offer a quiet place where you can reflect. As sensitives, we pick up a lot of information – consciously or subconsciously. It helps to make time to process our energy, emotions and experiences as we go along our travels.

Nature is especially balancing for our body, mind and energy levels. It is well worth the time and effort to research some green spaces (parks, beaches etc.) or quiet locations (cafes, art museums etc.) for those moments when you just need space to relax completely. Take your time and observe everything.

✅ Reflection Questions: What inspired me today? What will I remember most about today’s experiences?

🌟 Don’t forget to do your self-care routines

You don’t need to be a yogi or experienced in meditation to tap into your Self daily. Self-care is essentially anything that taps you into your inner space and makes you feel good. For some people, it could be yoga or meditation. But for others, it could be about enjoying a good meal, tapping into their creativity, taking a long walk, listening to music etc. A lot of times, travelling is also a form of self-care too. Just because you are now in a new location, it doesn’t have to stop. This might actually be the time when you need it more!

Find a way in which you can collect and channel your energy. This way you are keeping track of your own energy levels and releasing anything that feels draining or challenging to you in a healthy way.

Whatever “Self-care” means to you, don’t forget to include it in your trips. This is another way of just being more present with your Self, to strengthen your energy levels and enjoy grounding – so you can enjoy all the new experiences fully.

✅ Reflection Questions: What are my needs right now? Did anyone or anything today feel draining or heavy on my energy levels? Am I holding on to any tension in my body?

🌟 Don’t be afraid to enjoy travelling alone

 This can be scary for many people – but at the same time, it can be one of the most liberating things you will ever do! This way, you decide when and where you go and what to do. You don’t need to wait for other people’s plans or compromise your routines. It’s also one of those things that the more you do it, the more you learn and trust your Self.

Maybe you could start by doing more things on your own now. For example: Go to a restaurant or concert alone. This will gradually expand your comfort zone, even before taking a solo trip.

✅ Reflection Questions: If I could travel anywhere with no worry or restriction, where would it be? What is holding me back? And how can I take my first small steps of action to make it happen?

Enjoy your travels! And please share if any of these tips work or if you use any other tips too ❤️

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