YOGA FOR EMPATHS PODCAST – S1 Ep. 4 Exploring Intuition & Creativity

This week’s podcast is based on 2 important strengths of empaths – Intuition (6th Chakra) and creativity (2nd Chakra). How much do you tune in & TRUST your intuition? Do you engage with your creative Self regularly? Let’s explore how to tap in and why these 2 areas are so linked.

Tune in!

This series is on every week – Wed. 8pm London/UK Time until the last episode 8 of this series. Join us!

Every week while we share this series, I will be on live in the chatroom to answer questions and to connect – Feel free to leave your feedback and comments too. Reflection questions and information from the tips will be posted below the video. Enjoy!

Episode 4: Reflections & Tips

Last episode, we explored the importance of daily routines and the integration process. This week, we expand this integration with a key example and reflection question: How can we use our intuitive Self (5D) to connect with our creative Self (3D)? And why are these 2 areas so important as an empath?

🌟 Reflection Questions

This week’s episode is packed with meditation, tips and ideas to get you to reflect, understand and explore what intuition and creativity mean to you – After all, we are all unique and will feel this in different ways. The Chakra system is also fluid and interacts different for each person.

Get a pen and paper, hold some space to relax and let’s see what comes up for you! Here are just some of the few reflection points we touch on, listen to the podcast for full exercises. Enjoy ❤️

Connecting to your intuition and inner wisdom/guidance:

  • How often do you tune in to your intuition?
  • Do you fully trust your intuition?
  • What does your inner guidance feel like to you? – Do you feel it in your emotions, body, heart space etc?
  • When was the last time your intuition spoke to you and guided you to an action or realisation?
  • What happened when you did not listen to your intuitive guidance?

Connecting to your creativity:

  • What does creativity mean to you?
  • Are there any activities or things that you do/did in the past that brought joy and helped you to channel your energy? 
  • Is there anything now that you feel drawn to try that is new and will take you out of your comfort zone?
  • What inspires you and helps you connect with your intuition and creativity?

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