Protection For Empaths: Protection Mantra ~ Aad Guray Nameh

Mantras are so special. Not only can you do them at any time during the day, but they also have a way to transform us deeply on all levels – Mind, body and soul. This is one of my favourite protection mantras that I use.

Grounding & Protection

Mantras are powerful and provide us with a very simple tool that we can use every single day, even when we are doing our usual regular daily chores.

I first became fascinated with mantras when I started to listen to yoga music – especially the lyrics. I didn’t understand them but when singing along to each song, I noticed there was a shift within. I felt how each song made me feel differently – And strangely, the sound of the music wasn’t always what did this for me. However, the mantras always did. From this realisation, I started to look deeper into this topic which lead me to many other things – like kirtan and kundalini yoga.

☀️ How do mantras work?

The word Mantra: Man” means mind and tra” means wave, Mantra is that which controls the waves.

Did you know we have 84 meridian points on the roof of the mouth? When the tongue stimulates those meridian points, they stimulate the hypothalamus, making the pineal gland radiate. This creates an impulse in the pituitary gland. When the pituitary gland gives impulses, the entire glandular system secretes and a human being obtains wonderful bliss!

In Kundalini yoga, we explore this in so much more depth. On a personal note, this was a wonderful gateway to really feeling gratitude to the power of words, sound and how we can make a great impact!

☀️ How and when to use this mantra

To be honest, you can tune in to this mantra anywhere! I have a mantra playlist in my phone which I listen to throughout the day and this mantra works perfectly in many situations. Let me share how and when I am most likely to listen and chant this mantra.

☀️ How...

The best way s to simply chant it! Allow each word to circulate and vibrate to your beautiful soul.

On a practical note, we can’t always do this – So simply listen and tune in to the energy! During your regular day, this is what I often do… I listen to to it on my headphones and sometimes subtly whisper it, focusing my attention on the tongue movements (even when there is no sound).

☀️ When…

🌟 In the morning: This mantra is perfect to set the energy tone of the day… It has become my “go-to” mantra when I begin my day.

🌟 When I am feeling sensitive or overwhelmed: We all get those days when we are feeling more sensitive or overwhelmed for many reasons. I use this mantra many times to calm my Self.

🌟 In a tough and/ro challenging situation: Sometimes things come up that really trigger us or puts us in a tough situation. It could be anything, from getting a parking ticket to having a confrontation with a colleague at work. It could just be during those quiet times when we are going through changes. This mantra is great for strengthening and protecting your energy and reminding you to act/make choices from the heart, through love – not fear.

🌟 Interacting with an energy vampire:  An energy vampire is a common term for someone who drains your energy. Most of the time, they don’t even realise it and are not doing it on purpose. For example: People who like to complain or gossip all the time. If I do find my Self in a situation when I have to interact with this person, I will listen with an open heart while focusing on this mantra. It is a little tricky to do both at the same time, but I find that my energy exchange doesn’t feel draining afterwards.

🌟 In a crowded space: I LOVE this mantra when I find my Self in crowded spaces and need to get grounded! I use this mantra just before I enter places where there are many people – like on the train, at a shopping mall, walking down crowded streets. It gives my mind and soul something to focus on and reminds me that my energy exchange is always my choice.

🌟 While I travel: I love to use this mantra before the start of my plane journey or when I am taking long trips somewhere. This has been a wonderful mantra for those times when I am travelling alone and want to bless my journey ahead with protection and love.

🦋 Protection Mantra: Aad Guray Nameh

This is a beautiful version song of this mantra – But there are many that you might prefer! My tip is to go on YouTube and search for the mantra song that feels right for you. Enjoy ❤️

Listen to the mantra and read the meanings here:

Watch out for more posts with mantras, meditations and yoga routines to nourish your energy! 


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