NEW ONLINE COURSE – The Chakras For Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

Learn how to work with your own unique energy patterns and create Self-care routines for your energy system…

The way we use our Chakras as sensitive souls is unique – And even if we already know what the Chakra system is, we may not be aware of how we (those of us with sensitive energy exchanges) use them differently. This is why I put this course together!

This course is PACKED with information on how to develop your own Chakra healing tools through your daily routines – And more importantly, I want to also show you how I use a person’s natal astrology chart to tap into the elements and our Chakras to create energy formulas. In each part, we unravel a different layer of our Chakra system, with journal exercises + I will show you how to start creating a Chakra Self-care journal that works with your own specific energy!

No need to be attuned to any energy therapy (like Reiki etc) or to have any knowledge of the Chakras or astrology – All levels welcome! And if you already know about the Chakras, you will still gain some specific tools to work with them!

This is already available to members – If you are a member, you can dive straight into this course today! For non-members, I have set the investment price of this course as affordable as possible – so that many of you can enjoy it!

A sneak-peek at the short welcome video…


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