ONLINE COURSE: THE CHAKRAS For Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

Are you ready to explore your Chakras on a deeper level?

In this online course, we uncover different layers of the Chakras and how to work with energy as an empath and HSP.

As a therapist and energy healer who has worked with clients for the last 20 years, I can see very clearly how empaths and HSPs use their Chakras differently. We have unique energy patterns and we can learn to tune in to our own Chakra system to recharge, release and bring awareness to our daily life.

Energy topics we explore…

Here are a few topics that we share in this online course:

✨What the Chakra system is – This includes the 8th Chakra of the Aura, an essential part of how we show up and exchange energy with the world.

✨ How empaths and HSPs use the Chakras on a daily basis – 9 out of 10 of my clients experience these energy patterns and I want to share them with you!

✨ Create your own healing formulas and tools using your astrology chart (no knowledge of astrology needed) – No need to be attuned to any energy healing therapy (like Reiki) or to be an astrologer… I walk you through each step.

✨ How to ground and anchor your energy for balance and energy stability – This is often through Chakra combinations, which we will explore together.

✨ Important topics that we face as empaths and HSPs – Such as healthy boundaries, energy protection, our emotional Self and more! Learn how they relate to the Chakras and the tools you can use.

✨ Building practical knowledge – This course is not just about theory… The aim is to bring these tools into our daily practice. Simple yet powerful ways to work with our own energy!

This online course includes…

✅3 MAIN AUDIO LECTURE VIDEOS – Lecture videos with audio and notes – Each video is packed with tips, reflection questions and knowledge about the Chakras. I am very specific with the energy tips on how to manage our energy. It can also be used as an audio course, with supportive material.

✅ CHAKRA MEDITATION – I provide a specific Chakra meditation (using the tools we have in this course) that you can use as a daily practice.

✅ JOURNAL INSPIRATION – Journalling is an essential tool in this course. Start a new journal with this course (pen/paper form is best!). With this journal, you can start building your own Self-care routines/rituals in your daily life.

✅ ENERGY EXERCISES TO DO – Try these energy exercises out as you create your own personal Chakra healing tools and formulas.

✅ ESSENTIAL RESOURCES – I share many resources for you to develop and explore more!


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Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT)  

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Energy Healer & Health Coach

20 years working in the field of psychology, health and energy healing

“One of the things I love most about my work is that I get to meet people from all walks of life and from around the world. My interest in psychology started in 1996 – As a teenager, I came across a book about the law of attraction, how to use psychology and affirmations in daily life. This changed everything from me! And since then, I consider my Self to be a lifelong student in this field – always investing in ongoing professional training and growing my knowledge. I studied for a BSc (Honours) Psychology and went on to study CBT – At the same time, I have studied many forms of complementary health therapies to gain a holistic approach in working with my clients. From working with clients from the corporate world (Liverpool Street, City of London) to the creative arts/music scene… I continue to be inspired by them!”