Mercury Retrograde Tips And Meditation

Many people will talk about the negative aspects of Mercury Retrograde – Some of us might even fear it’s arrival! It comes into our lives a few times each year, so why not embrace it fully? An opportunity to grow deeper ❤️

Let’s get into RE-trograde mode…

As the name suggests, starting with the letters R and E… RE – It gives us an OPPORTUNITY to step back. Think of all the words that begin with R + E… Words have a whole new meaning (and energy vibration) for each of us…

☀️ Here are some words to reflect on:

REflection. –  REwind. –  RE-evaluate. –  RElease. –  REturn  –  REmember  –  RElax –  REst. –  REveal. –  RE-energise  –  REinvent. –  REbel. – REdo

…Can you think of any more?

You can probably feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde as it comes… Anything with communication and technology seems to be more of an effort. At worst, there is a total lack of it… which can often lead to emotions where we misunderstand something or miss something completely!

I hope this blog post will give you a pro-active positive way of working with this energy… even when things don’t quite go to plan!


Energy Tips For Mercury Retrograde (+Plus A Meditation)

🌟 Do not REact quickly to anything…

If any challenges come up, take a BIG step back before you react. Mercury Retrograde is well known for throwing us unexpected surprises and people’s words may sound very different for some reason. If something triggers you, take a few minutes to get your Self together and to observe what comes up.

🌟 Don’t take anything too personal…

Maybe you’re not the one reacting quickly and others are instead… During these times, tensions can come up, even between the best of friends – sometimes over things that were misunderstood. Maybe they are going through their own stuff and you happen to be the one getting the full force of it as they get triggered?

Whatever it is, remind your Self to not react quickly again – What is going on and how another person reacts to challenges is their responsibility. You can only deal with your own part. And it doesn’t help when you get caught up in their stuff that will probably seem like no big deal when Mercury Retrograde passes.

At worst, give people space and time to get through things too. Allow and hold space for the others to deal with their own issues too, without having to get caught up in it if you can avoid it.

🌟 Throat Chakra – Communication and REleasing…

How we communicate to others – and to our Self is important. This is where the throat Chakra comes in. When we hold back what we want to say to others (maybe so that we don’t react quickly too), our throat Chakra may feel the tension. I notice a lot of my clients experience this. Mercury Retrograde helps us to see how we can better communicate our Self to others… And to remind us to speak much more kindly to our Self too (not always critically).

Get a journal and start writing for a safe way to communicate… This is something I love to do. If something really triggers you, get the pen and paper and let it ALL out… don’t hold back in your journal. This is a safe place to release the initial raw emotions.

🌟 REmember who you are…

This is a power-full one! Do you remember your life purpose? Sometimes we can get so caught up in our daily routines that we can lose sight of our truth… our purpose and mission in life. Sometimes it happens over the space of months, even years… we gradually fade into roles and routines that can mask our Self.

Mercury Retrograde will get you to ask these questions again! If you’re feeling a trigger or challenge, explore what lies behind it all. Maybe this is the Universe’s way of pointing out something to you about what you need to RE-examine.

A quick reflection test – See if you can answer quickly now:  What is your true purpose in this lifetime?  …How long did it take you to answer? If you found this challenging, maybe it’s time to explore your Self more!

🌟 REflection and REst…

Take everything to a slower pace… We still need to get on with our lives (job, family, studies etc) – but how about we make each moment much more conscious and with more awareness. Slow it down, observe what comes up… ESPECIALLY when it is challenging. And take the time you need between daily routines to just breathe deeply and relax.

Add more relaxing things into your weekly schedule… Now, more than ever, is a good time to do more meditation, reflection work and go deep within. This space will REveal a lot about where you are and what you need to do on your path.

🌟 RE-check everything!

Don’t forget to double check everything again… even a few times… While we are on the topic of re-doing things, please don’t forget to check everything you are working on. Especially communication tools, like emails, your files on your computer (back them up if needed), letters, spell checking etc. Mercury Retrograde can be a real trickster!

🌟 RE-do and get creative!

Let’s not forget the fun side of life! What are you working on right now? And how can you have more fun with it? Mercury Retrograde is not a good time to launch anything new – but it the perfect time to get creative, to do things that we love and make us feel “tuned in” to our Self and re-do projects. The this time period is over, you can happily launch it to the world…

In the meantime, what creative activities do you love? It doesn’t have to be the traditional type of creativity… Creativity is just a form of energy that you channel into something you enjoy – whether it’s dancing, running, taking a walk, having a bath, music or anything else! This will help you release emotions and energy in a positive way too.

🌟 Meditate more…

You don’t need a quiet mind to meditate… You just need a few minutes to be proactive in observing what comes up. Thoughts, emotions, patterns, feeling etc… this is part of our inner communication process as our subconscious brings up these things to our attention. We just need to listen!


Mercury Retrograde Meditation

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