Twin Flame Connection: The Real Reason You Met

Why did I meet my twin flame? Reasons why you met your twin flame and your heart awakening experiences.

This has been a HUGE topic in recent years. Google it and you will see an endless list of articles, videos and resources (even coaches!) that will guide you though this topic… But sometimes one person may say one thing and another person may say another… and the confusion begins! Why so complicated?!?

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I am hoping to share this blog post as a way of cutting through all of the different ideas of these labels ands get to the core reasons. I would like to also add that I am in no way saying that I am some “love guru” or that my way of thinking is the ultimate right way and everyone else is wrong – Not my intention at all. This is a deeply personal experience and I actually believe that there is no right/wrong way of looking at it, it all just comes from our own beautiful unique journey. My thoughts are also coming from my personal experiences and from working with clients as an energy therapist/yoga teacher.

OK, let’s get down to the experience of the usual scenario of when someone realises that there has been a possible twin flame (or put your own label here) connection…

In most cases, it seems there is a moment when 2 people come together and there is a huge BOOM of sorts... Not the kind that you can easily explain, but it is felt at your core level, a surge of emotional (energy in motion) internal earthquake. And it usually comes at the most unexpected time/place, maybe with someone who you literally have no other connection with. Most times it happens in person, but many say it happened online. It’s safe to say that this experience is not a gradual one… it just hits you! You find your Self even asking if what just happened was even real, or a complete illusion? And then the questions start rolling in about what this thing was… And what to do with it. (No labels, pick your own if you prefer)

✨ A deep heart awakening…

First thing to remember is that we are all energy beings… A complex energy system that is made up of many Chakras (Read more: The Chakra System) and more than one body – we have different bodies too (Read more: The 10 Bodies). So, our energy speaks for us long before we open up our mouth or have time to get first impressions from what a person looks like (physical and mental systems). In terms of energy, you most likely picked up their energy system in one way and it had an impact – And if you’re an empath and highly sensitive person, you might even be very conscious of what you are picking up because you are used to feeling different external energy anyway. But somehow, this time, it just felt really different! Your heart just opened, you (and the other person) probably naturally just feel so drawn and familiar to each other.

This is when the Heart Chakra comes in… The emotions/energy-in-motion that often happens is described as this intense sense of love, even to the point that it may feel physical – Ask your Self: Where am I feeling it in my body? Tune in! It will most likely be in the chest area… where your Heart Chakra is. Something happened… the merging of the energies between two people (even if it was online, energy is not just in a physical presence) caused your Heart Chakra to awaken and expand.

This is raw, inspired and even euphoric energy traveling within us… It’s no wonder we can be left in awe and amazement of this experience!

✨ Killing the beautiful experience with expectations…

Killing is a strong word, I accept that. But it feels right to say this because just as the experience came into our life like a bolt of love lightening, so too can it often be experienced afterwards as a soul death experience (in Self-transformation, death and rebirth). But we don’t make this journey easy for our Self! It is probably not even meant to be easy in order for us to truly shift some Shadow aspects in order to move forward…

This is when logic starts to play tricks on us… We might seek answers by comparing our experience to other people’s experiences, we might start to expect it to be a romantic relationship, we might hope that the other person in this experience felt the same way (and feel upset if they didn’t), we might get caught up in the endless labels/rules and do/don’t’s of what *this connection* is… The list goes on! In the process of seeking answers, the logical Self tries to get the concrete black and white information of what this connection SHOULD BE

✨ When challenges start to come up…

As this is a personal unique journey, not everyone will experience pain as part of it – But the truth is many do experience some sort of discomfort within, even when things turn out good… I want to share my thoughts for anyone who does feel this way…

In the process of seeking answers, there can be heartbreak. This is especially true if we expected this experience to be because we met the love of our life, only to find that they are already married/with a partner or don’t even feel the same way. There are so many other expectations that can happen that can turn the initial beautiful experience to a heart-heavy one. In time, this love bubble may even start to feel like an energy draining cloud that we can’t seem to shake off when we don’t get our expectations met.

Energy Tip: Ditch it ALL and just keep it simple! I am a huge believer in Divine Timing of things, especially when it comes to energy events like this. For whatever reason, you were in the exact place you needed to be to experience this and there is a reason for it, even when it wasn’t in any of the answers that you were looking for.

✨ The wisdom of our Heart…

The bottom line is that this experience was a HEART AWAKENER… Instead of focusing on the external answers, it’s an invitation to dive into our Self first. This raw energy has the power to shift SO many things on our own journey and through our own Chakras. Many often have a Kundalini energy experience too. Maybe this is a good practice to just ALLOW & TRUST the healing process, regardless of what the other person’s experience was. After all, we can only ever take responsibility for our own actions – what others do is their business. There is power in our Heart and it’s wisdom, even when we feel powerless at the time.

As for some people experiencing the dark night of the soul and other heart-full challenges that come up… Maybe there is another reason that this happens (although I don’t often hear or read about)… Just as in an energy healing session, there may be a point afterwards when the client has a huge initial release in a form of the healing crisis – which can mean that many things come up in order to be released (painful emotions, sensitivity, even physical symptoms etc). The same often happens in a nutritional detox, where it is common that people have low energy, skin break-outs and toxin releases before it is all released… Perhaps, the same happens (in a much more intense way) for this type of connection too? Something shifts at our core to the point that it starts to release a lot of our Shadow Self and subconscious issues with each of the different triggers that come along. And it can feel SO painful at times! As I mentioned before, sometimes there is a sort of soul death experience that can happen within, as we face and try to surf through these stormy huge waves…

Energy Tip: Release the need to control. The key words come up again – Allow & Trust. This in its Self can be a huge trigger point as there is a temptation to want to control outcomes or how we are reacting to things.

More Energy Tips: What I find really helped me and clients I spoke to are these things…

  • Taking a step back and holding space for our Self to practice Self care, in whatever way we love (yoga, meditation, taking a long bath, connecting with positive people etc)
  • Cut off/down social media – To make room for other things that nurture us.
  • Journal writing – Let it all go no paper, get it out of your system in a healthy way. This is your own personal safe space to release thoughts and emotions.
  • Get creative – This is another form of releasing in a healthy way… Use the raw energy to channel it into your creative projects. Remember creativity does not have to be traditional things like art etc… it can be anything that allows you to naturally tap into your Self.
  • Get grounded and physical – Go out in nature, take a long walk, run, dance, feel your body again… allow the energy to run through your body instead of getting stuck and stagnant.

✨ The real reason for this connection…

This is a GOOD thing.. It’s hard to believe it when you are in the thick of the mangled emotions, but this is actually all for a Higher purpose. This is a sign that your soul is evolving, expanding, growing, breaking out of its old shell. This is an energetic shedding of many of the things you once defined or thought about your Self…

The Universe/You-In-Verse will never give you experiences that you can’t handle, this is an experience to wake us up in some way!

FINALLY – The real reason…

To connect to our true purpose and service to humanity.

Too simple? This might have been the very thing needed to inspire, shake and awaken us to get back on track to connecting to our soul, our heart and our true purpose. I know it certainly did this for me and for many people I have met who have had similar experience/s (Yes, there can be more than one in this lifetime!). It’s true to say that most times, love finds us… This is an extension of what greater love is.

And sometimes, it doesn’t always take us through the journey we planned – Maybe it did or didn’t turn into a whirlwind relationship with the other person, maybe we end up doing things that we never thought we would and maybe it did/didn’t take some time to get used to changes… But that magical BOOM moment is exactly what our soul needed to open us up to new possibilities to connect to our true life purpose.

It was never about the other person – They just reflected something in our Self, to see/feel and to discover our deeper soul path in this life. If they did or didn’t experience the same, it would be for them to discover too. Whatever comes up after this moment will play out in time…

Being inspired to follow a Higher calling, with a clearer vision. This is why many people who say that they connected to that “Twin Flame” energy with someone (the beloved Divine love energy that is essentially part of all of us) start to change their life in some way… Sometimes it is in a romantic or business setting and 2 people start to work together for this “mission” – But it can easily be done alone too, with the inspiration from that spark.

Affirmation: “I feel deep gratitude for the heart-full lessons I have been shown. Thank you!”

Any time, I look back at my own experience, I find that this affirmation returns me back to my heart and a space where I am grounded in the knowing that I met this beautiful person at the right time in my life, even if it did shake things up! I invite you to use an affirmation to connect with and to try some of the reflection questions below.

Self Reflection Questions:

  • Return back to the moment of your experience – Connect to your heart and ask your Self: What was I feeling within my Self?
  • If you could channel this love into anything in your life now, what would it be?
  • What do you feel your true purpose or Dharma is in this lifetime?
  • What qualities of the other person inspires you? And how can you develop it in your own life?
  • What greater lessons are you/did you learn about your Self?

I hope I offered an honest and real experience of what this connection could mean – As always, I encourage anyone reading to see what feels right for their own journey and to leave out anything that doesn’t feel true. Our unique journeys are all beautiful! ❤️🙏🏼

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One thought on “Twin Flame Connection: The Real Reason You Met

  1. I loved reading your post. It is so true as I am on this journey, but really it is the journey within self. I have become very knowledgeable on my own journey and able to help others as well. Still at times it is nice to have that connection to others to know you are not alone and everything is okay. Thank you for your post it is perfect in this moment 🕉

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