YOGA FOR EMPATHS PODCAST – S1 Ep.2 Awareness & Self-Love

This week we really begin to start the Yoga For Empaths Podcast series, by diving into the topic of “Awareness & Self-Love”. Join Tera Kaur as she shares meditations, tips and reflections to try!

What does the word “awareness” mean to you?

Awareness is a foundation for truly connecting to our heart and Self-Love. This week is Valentine’s week – and as much as I believe every day of the year should be about love – the energy is definitely in the air to explore it deeper! And as empaths, we do love deeply… We have so much to offer the world, but it is vital that we are pro-active in our own Self-love exploration.

In this podcast, we will try a few simple tips to deepen our awareness, through our senses, intuition, our body and more. Have a pen and paper at hand to jot down anything that comes up for you. And be prepared to try an exercise for the next 7 days to explore any patterns of energy exchanges you are experiencing… ENJOY!

✨ Tune in…

This video will be aired on Wed. Feb 13th 2019 at 8pm London UK time. If you are reading this blog post before it is aired or in the middle of the series, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell button for notifications. You are welcome to add comments, ask questions in the chat (I will be there to asnwer during the air time) and share experiences in the comments section at any time.

Reflection Questions:

Some food for thought as we try out the tips in the podcast:

  • Am I operating from my negative, positive or neutral mind?
  • In my daily life, who/what drains, inspires or stays neutral with my energy excahnge?
  • How aware am I of how my body stores stress, emotions and energy?
  • What are my earliest memories of being aware that I am an empath and highly sensitive soul?

What is a Sensory Human?
The development of the Self-Sensory System is one of the major themes of Yogi Bhajan’s later lectures. The human mind processes more information in one day than people had to process during an entire lifetime in the 1700’s. People will be “getting empty, more perturbed, not able to bear enough, not having much tolerance, and very argumentative.” If we are not disciplined, we will be unable to handle the intense energy of these times.  

All of this will be explained in more detail in the podcast!

🌟 Additional information from the podcast:

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