YOGA FOR EMPATHS PODCAST – S1 Ep.1 Introduction & What Is An Empath?

Join me on the first of an 8 part podcast series as we explore holistic health, yoga, meditation, energy healing and what it is like to be an empath!

We are all energy…

This podcast started on 7th Feb. 2019 – And we will continue each new podcast every Wednesday at 8pm London time – Check your local time if you are not in the UK …

Each podcast in this series will be “Premiere” live so I have the chance to join you all live in the chat section when it does come on and answer/share anything that comes up with the viewers.

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Reflection time and holding space for Self. I hope that each podcast, even if you watch it long after it is live on YouTube, will be a space where you can grab a cup of tea, kick your shoes off and join in with the reflections. I will include some meditations, practical tips and many other things – so have a pen/paper ready if you feel that would help you too!


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