Energy Healing & Reiki For Empaths – 5 Reasons To Try It!

Are you curious about your Chakras and energy system?

Energy healing has been a part of my life for SO many years. I remember being really fascinated by energy therapies in my teenage years and as I entered my 20s, I started to meet people who were actually making a living from it. Fast forward to now, I have been doing energy healing (through Chios Energy Healing & Reiki) for over 20 years along with therapy work. It never fails to keep showing me new things and it has been one of the most foundational tools I use for working with my own sensitive energy.

In recent years, information and talking about the energy system and Chakras has become something that is easily accessible. I remember when I first started learning about it, I could only find information in certain bookstores and alternative healing spaces. Also, it didn’t help that the internet was not really around when I was a teenager (showing my age now 😁). It’s good to see that this is an area that is popular and evolving.

As empaths and HSPs (or whichever label you choose to describe your sensitivity), I strongly feel that energy therapies are natural for us. My clients come from many backgrounds and the one thing that really describes 99% of them is that they FEEL energy strongly – They pick it up, they tune in and they don’t understand how to balance it.


So, what have been my observations? Let me share from a professional and personal level…

Energy Management Matters!

Many of us have heard of time management and stress management – But what about energy management? I’ve met many clients over the years who are very aware of and practice both stress and time management… But they STILL find that their energy levels are low. It’s true… You could be eating healthy, exercising, and doing all the things that a “healthy lifestyle looks like” but if you don’t understand how your own unique energy system works, then you still won’t benefit fully from it.

We are energy beings in a physical body/vehicle and we will use our energy uniquely. Energy healing helps us to understand how we personally tune in. We may use some Chakras more than others or we may have a developed pattern with several Chakras interacting (Chakras always do work together, not alone)… If you begin to see these patterns in your own energy system, you will know how to take care of your own energy – which directly affects your overall health and well-being.

Energy Protection & Healthy Boundaries

This is a topic that comes up ALL the time! It is a common one that we can explore with many types of therapies out there. Energy healing is specifically about learning about our energy exchanges with others and our environment. At an energetic level, we can learn to spot when the balance is not right, when we overload our own energy with other people’s stuff (thoughts, emotions, stress levels etc), when we are feeling inspired or drained, when we need to recharge and so much more! Energy awareness is the key. Having a balanced energy system is deeply connected to how our boundaries are in life.

Self-Trust & Intuition

To work with any form of energy therapy, you need to TRUST your inner INTUION. Easier said than done. Energy healing shows you how you can do this. In fact, if you are an empath and HSP, your intuition is a big part of you – consciously or subconsciously.

Energy therapies hold space for you to tune in and truly LISTEN. Even from the first session, you might FEEL how your therapist works on your Chakra system – Some Chakras might feel stronger than others in one way or another. Sometimes, you might actually have a healing crisis afterwards, which is a form of detox when you are holding on to so many things energetically. We hold SO much in our energy body so the release is amazing!

Speaking of trust and intuition, pick your energy therapist carefully. It’s not that one therapist may be bad in any way, it just means that you will intuitively know which one you connect to.

An example: Many years ago, I was starting my private practice on London Wall and I was also juggling many things at the same time – I was working closely with another energy therapist who did Reiki and we connected very well. So, we agreed to do the other therapist’s session if we could not make it, using the same techniques as a regular Reiki session. After just one month, the feedback was obvious – The clients who initially chose me to do energy healing wanted to return to my sessions – The same was true for her clients. We both decided to keep working only with our own clients from then onwards. Clients pick their therapists for a reason.

Trust your own instinct and who feels right for you. Just because a friend or someone else recommends a person to work with, they might not always be right for you. Return back to trusting your intuition.

Deep Grounding

Grounding is a DAILY practice. As empaths and HSPs, we are SO used to being in the upper Chakras that we really need to remind our Self to head into the lower Chakras where the daily world is. One thing that comes up all the time is that clients will feel the energy in their feet and legs the most during a session – a sign that the energy is flowing in the lower energy centres. Grounding is so important.

In energy therapy work, we explore this topic as a WHOLE system. I have my own methods to do this and so will other energy therapists. What may ground one person may be different to another person. It depends on many different factors and our unique energy formulas.

For example: Even when I teach yoga and meditation, I my Self find that meditation by simply sitting and breathing is not enough for me to feel grounded – I prefer movement or visualisation meditation to ground my Self fully. Whereas, some clients I know find it so easy to just be… to sit and relax completely. There is a reason why we are all different and tapping into what works for us is important for grounding.

Channelling Our Energy Powerfully!

Be reminded of your power! With full awareness and understanding of our energy, we can choose how we can channel that into the world – in our daily life, our work, with loved ones, with our goals and so much more! Becoming familiar with your energy will most likely make you feel stronger in your purpose too.

Many of my regular clients are now powerful energy therapists! I still keep in touch with many of my clients from years ago… It’s incredible to get random messages from them about their updates, even years after we met. As empaths and HSPs, working passionately and closely with others people on their journey can be a true calling – And many of my clients are now beautiful therapists, yoga teachers, energy healers, psychologists, health coaches etc. It’s not for everyone but when you know what you love and how your energy is inspired, you feel the calling to do what you love more!

Energy healing can be a gateway to tuning in to whatever it is that you truly love to channel your own energy into.

I hope this has inspired you in some way – If you feel curious about anything (including energy healing), trust it and follow it!



Learn everything you need to know about the Chakras and more! Learn your own energy formulas for Self-care and which Chakras you are tuned into strongly and which ones to work on… I share the exact ways I work with my own clients in this course.

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