VIDEO – Holistic Tips For North Node In Taurus 2022 To 2023

When the nodes change, we can feel the collective and personal pull towards new energy!

January 19, 2022 – July 17, 2023



We all have our own North & South nodes in our chart – But we also have a collective change in nodes every 18 months… Right now, we are in the collective Taurus north node and Scorpio south node. This will give you an idea of what the nodes are…


TAURUS NORTH NODE – Moving Forward & Evolving

Taurus is connected to the planet of Venus – Most of us associate Venus with Divine Feminine and Love. It is also so much more – We can start to reflect on different areas of our life, related to our needs and values – our resources (including material wealth and comfort) – the things that make us feel good about our Self and more…

Take a moment to reflect on these questions:

In the last couple of years, what areas of my life have changed?

What has changed in my needs and values about life?

KEY WORDS: SELF-CARE. Returning back to the heart and healing is going to play an important part in this transit…

Build a sustainable way of bringing Self-care into your daily life. Now, more than ever, this is going to help all of us lay the foundations for the next stages we build – on a personal and collective level. Start off small, use the small spaces of free time in your normal daily life to add simple routines – This starts to build positive habits that help you recharge your energy throughout the day.

Grounding and anchoring – Using our earthly senses and feeling the body fully. With Uranus in Taurus, Nature (Taurus) is calling out in many different and unexpected ways (Uranus = shocks and surprises) – We can see this in many different forms around the world – through flash floods, fires, volcanoes etc. Changes will also happen in many areas of life. Therefore, it is essential to be grounded into our Self and find ways to anchor our Self through these transitions. Use this as part of our daily Self-care.

Slowing everything down – In modern times, everything goes so fast. Think of how the pace of life has changed in just 10 years, especially with the rise of social media etc. We are packing in more things in one lifetime that would have taken generations to do in the past – our job, our relationships and connections, where we live etc. In recent years, with the lock-downs, we had to slow down. We had time to re-evaluate through the difficult moments on a collective level. Many of us made big changes because of the simple fact that we had no choice, even when it was just temporary. And this brings up a lot within – especially our personal sense of resistance. It’s no wonder that there is a slow living movement already going on… What if we can take at least one lesson from all that has happened… What if slowing down is actually a good thing? What if we can be just as productive, but more present and enjoy the journey (instead of rushing right through it)? Let me share more here…

Simplify so we have more space and room to channel our energy into what it is we LOVE – This is an opportunity to look at our life and release what no longer serves us! It’s not easy as we may have attachments to the old – But the good news is that it is a sign that we are growing. As we grow, we need to release which will then free up time/space/energy for the things we DO want in our life. So, ask your Self now – What can I simplify in my home, work and daily connections?

Be resourceful and build your own resource streams – Taurus is about our resources… our food, our money, the things we need to function and survive in daily life. We have already started seeing how food chains and fuel resources have been changing – The rise and suspicions related to cryptocurrency is also changing our way of looking at what money is – And WHO controls our resources. This is a great time to get to know your local businesses (support them!), find out where you can get important resources locally (food etc) and create new ways of bringing resources to you (for example – many people have started building their businesses and passive income streams etc).

Food and what you feed your body – An important part of our daily resources. How do you fuel your body with energy? Taurus loves food… especially food that is packed with the goodness of the earth. Returning back to simplifying, Taurus asks us to start making our food more valuable… To find pleasure in food that is good for our body. A simple way to do this is to go to local markets and see what local farmers and suppliers offer from nearby resources. Eating within the seasons can also help us tune in to food and nature, as well as ground us fully in our environment. Exploring the world of simple cooking and making meals at home – It may cost us less money most times, even when it might take longer to make. Meal prep for the week ahead by cooking large batches of food and storing it – this is a classic Taurus thing to do, where time is saved by being practical, resourceful plus preparing and simplifying what we eat. I highly recommend doing searches on YouTube for this as there are SO many videos showing us how to eat well, prep our weekly food and save money. Of course, Taurus likes treats too – So it’s a balance of eating/fueling the body and enjoying treats as well. There are many other ways of feeding our body with life force energy – Through our breath, the energy we exchange, sunlight and more. This is a beautiful time to explore and experiment in ways that we can level up our energy in different ways!

Tools from nature – Crystals, Seasons, Salt baths etc. Taurus energy is about the EARTH element. Think of as many ways as possible where you can use the earth element in your daily life. Even just taking regular walks in any natural spaces (even small city parks) helps us to tune in to this energy. It helps us ground our Self and also allows us to be reminded that we are nature, not separate from Her. We can use the cycles, the many tools and gifts that the earth provides us.

Working with the breath and heart – Taurus is the heart and Air is the element of the heart. Taking time to do 1-3 minutes of breathing through the heart space has a tremendous effect on our health and energy. Did you know our heart has its own intelligent electromagnetic field? Well, we can tap into it by opening up this energy space. There is a lot of research being done in this area – I highly recommend exploring how powerful our heart is!

Don’t resist change – Taurus can be a stubborn bull. This is one of the challenges of this Taurus energy – the resistance to change. As we know – What we resist, persists… So whatever it is that you know needs change but are putting it off can sometimes become (and feel) more intense in time. We are living in transformational times – Change is already happening and we can choose to take control over how we change in the process, instead of life situations choosing for us. We can’t control everything, but we can try to put actions forward where possible. Think of a bull that starts to charge forward – The good thing about Taurus is that when the bull is inspired to change, it moves full speed ahead and nothing can stop it!

SCORPIO SOUTH NODE – Releasing The Old Cycles & Life Lessons

Intense deepwater – Energy-In-Motion. We are moving in deep water with our south node energy of releasing… Think of the Earth element and now water is mixed in with the Scorpio… This is fertile ground for potential changes! As Scorpio energy is a water sign, it feels the ripples and the under-currents, it is emotional (energy in motion), it feels deeply and has an empathic quality. These are the parts of our Self we can dive into and find karmic lessons and what we need to release.

Transformation, death and rebirth. This is Scorpio at its intense state of transformation – At the moment, we all may feel like we are stuck in the cocoon stage, where we are literally being broken down to mush before we can emerge as a butterfly! This is part of the process we are all going through. We are being supported to release the old, do some cord-cutting at a core level and create space for the new. An important note is to avoid distraction and avoidance of transformation – this can be with many things… like escapism through media, NetFlix, alcohol, drugs etc.

Re-evaluating how you merge your energy with others – personally and through work/business. Scorpio is about merging with the other – and creating boundaries is needed. Some good reflection questions to ask your Self – Do I have healthy boundaries with people in my life? Where am I channelling my energy into things/people/places that do not value me? What connections are toxic and/or not a two-way effort? Be honest with your Self and create time and space to observe what is and what isn’t working for you.

Kundalini awakenings are going to happen more! Since 2012, I have already observed how many people are starting to be more open to the idea of the Kundalini awakening. With Scorpio energy being all about kundalini and transformation, we are going to start seeing how more people are experiencing this shift in their life. And it might not always be easy (change and transformation are not usually blissful), but it is going to create a different dynamic in how people relate to the world!

Sexual energy and creativity – Along with kundalini awakenings, we are starting to see how the areas of sexuality are coming up. The Me-Too movement is a classic example of Scorpio revealing hidden abuses in this area… And we are seeing more of this surfacing in recent times. The hidden, the taboo and the abuse from sexuality and power. On the positive side, sexual energy is raw creative energy – so tapping into our own powerful sexual energy can manifest many things (quite literally, it brings life into the world!). We can explore our own belief systems about what we were taught about sexuality, what is holding us back from exploring it in a healthy way and who we share this energy with.

Facing your deepest fears and Shadow Self – Facing our deepest hidden fears is scary. These are the layers of us that have been hidden in our Shadow for a while – sometimes for years, sometimes for lifetimes! But the good news is that we are being supported during this time. Many releases can start to happen when we do our Shadow work – As Scorpio in the South node helps greatly with releasing. Our Shadow can actually guide us into seeing how we can show up in the world too – Using our wounds as a way of later sharing this in our purpose. In this way, ACTivism is rising around the world. We can see how the Shadow is being transformed! If you are facing your Shadow, be super gentle with your Self… it is part of the transformation. Reflection questions: Where do I need to shed light on my soul right now? What has been holding me back? What is this showing me about my purpose? If you observe, the most well-known activists in history always came from facing their Shadow Self.

Clearing out the lower Chakras – Part of the Shadow work is to clear out the lower Chakras where we can store a lot of stagnant energy. We hold a lot of energy cords in these spaces as they are usually the denser frequencies and related to the 3D daily life we live in! This is a great time for clearing it all out and doing some serious energy cord-cutting, especially through the Root 1st Chakra and 2nd Chakras.

Seeking professional help with Shadow work if needed + The rise in alternative healing. The healthcare system is changing for obvious reasons. The way people see health is changing. We are starting to value it more and we can also see where there is a need for a deeper approach to medicine and health. I think the next few years will see a rise in how health professionals work and how they incorporate different modalities in it. More people may be interested in healing therapies and psychology (mental health issues). This is also a good time to seek professional help with the right therapists and doctors who can help us navigate our own healing where needed. If you are struggling with change… you are not alone. I highly reccomend working through the Shadow Self with a professional who knows what they are doing and you can trust.


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