KUNDALINI RISING TIPS: 5 Lessons From Kundalini Awakening

As a Kundalini yoga teacher, this is one of the topics that always come up. Students want to know more about Kundalini rising and kundalini awakening experiences… Let me share my thoughts!

A Journey Of The Unknown…

Anyone who has any experience with kundalini energy will most likely remember it clearly! And what makes everything very fascinating to me is that everyone has their own unique experiences… For many, it may be that the experience is something totally unknown and new… And for others, it is very clear what is going on. Some find the blissful sensations, while others find it to be a painful shift (literally at some points!).

I always found my experience to be a struggle in resistance… The first time I experienced it was during a time of personal changes in my life around 2012 – I had no idea what was going on! I will never forget the physical sensations… It was far from being blissful. It started with a burning feeling at the base of my spine (Root Chakra), a very uncomfortable ball of energy – which honestly made me think I just needed to go to the bathroom 😱! It soon became clear that this had nothing to do with that and I was starting to get really stressed out, resisting and getting panicked as I felt the energy rising up. I broke out in a sweat and felt extremely light headed so I thought that I should lie down in case I passed out! I was alone and freaking out. The energy did pass after an hour or so, I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. I went to the doctors for a check-up to see what was wrong, nothing came up. And then I forgot about it for a while until one day I heard about kundalini rising from a friend. Since then, I have had 4 similar experiences – the same sensations and it has been a real challenge to allow the energy to flow! But I do notice that every time it happens, the surge of inspiration afterwards is incredible. Like an energy upgrade.

I want to share some personal tips, thoughts and observations from my own experience and from others who have shared their experience with me.

What is Kundalini energy?

The term “Kundalini” stems from “Kundal”, which means “the curl of the hair of the beloved”, coiled 3 and a half times at Muladhara (Root Chakra). This is the uncoiling of your essential consciousness, your creative potential, the energy of consciousness, the energy of the soul itself. When we mix Prana (life force energy of the atom) with Apana in the lower body (base of the spine), this allows it to move upwards.  When we release (or awaken) this Kundalini energy, we become more conscious, more aware of our truth, our inner potential. Awakened Kundalini can release blockages in the mind, body and spirit; helping us to heal, nourish, and rejuvenate. Kundalini energy is not dangerous or harmful, it is very powerful!

There are many ways to connect with your Kundalini energy. Kundalini yoga is one of the methods that I personally love – But there are many other ways too. However, I want to share some important points about working with Kundalini energy.

5 Important Points To Remember…

Kundalini energy has its own divine intelligence

You cannot control this energy… This is one of the things I have tried to do and have seen others attempt to do and the same result keeps coming up – This energy will do its own thing, regardless of your expectations. I have felt and seen frustrated yogis trying everything to awaken it, with no results – And then I heard from some people who had never meditated in their life before who spontaneously got the huge burst of kundalini! There is no logic to it and trying to put logical ideas of it can lead to serious frustration.

Divine timing and trust is part of the process. I think this also applies to many things on the Self-growth journey. The need to let go of wanting to control the process is a big topic. Instead, what if each step is all we have to focus on? – Being present with where we are NOW. Kundalini awakening is a long-term journey, not an overnight result. Patience and trust is everything.

Be super gentle on your Self… Kundalini energy is powerful but also very loving. This energy awakens the parts of our Self and our soul on so many deep levels – Sometimes it will feel great and sometimes it will feel like a rollercoaster ride! But it is all worth it… I find that this process helps us to learn to be more caring and loving to our Self.

A time for deep releasing

Be ready to let go. Deep transformational shifts often mean that there is an opportunity to evaluate everything and figure out what needs to be released, in order for new things to come. Kundalini awakenings often present us with different situations or triggers that help us figure it out along the way – a helping hand. Many times, the things that need to be released will happen, whether we are ready or not. It reminds me a lot of eclipse energy, where different things leave and often new things come along – We may not recognise it at first, but if we are consciously ready to spot these opportunities, it gets easier to allow everything to shift in the way we can observe and choose.

Feeling alone and loneliness is a common effect of kundalini awakenings. Releasing and going through a transformation is not always easy – we might find that the people and things that used to give us joy and energy now no longer feel right in our life. This can affect friendships and relationships, out connection with people. Our belief system or the things we want to explore might be different from our usual connections, we might not feel inspired by the old things any more. Everyone will experience this differently – But juts know that if you feel this way, it is a common normal part of the change. On a positive note, as we grow and get clear about who we are transforming into, the release allows for new people and experiences to come our way that are aligned to our inspirations.

Some people feel the healing crisis and the Shadow Self. As with most energy therapies, detoxes and healing, some people experience what is known as a healing crisis. This is a time where “the toxins” (in whatever form they are – emotionally, physically, mentally etc) can surface for clearing. This is an unpleasant part of healing – And as Kundalini energy is super powerful, it may bring us face-to-face with what we are trying to release. It reminds me of a juicing detox diet where most people feel low energy, experience skin outbreaks etc in the beginning before there is a huge burst of energy and everything clears up. Shadow work is part of this releasing for many people – This is normal and when we connect to our Shadows and work through the things we need to (instead of burying them or bypassing them completely), we will gain so much more from our Kundalini awakening. I always say that if things do come out that need attention, seeking professional help (like a talking therapy etc) is amazing for getting to the root of the issues. Not everyone goes through this – But I do feel it is important to mention this part of healing.

Reflection Questions: What do I want to release? What lessons/inspiration did I get from it? What simple actions or changes can I do now to start releasing?

Journalling is one way to release and keep track. The way you feel, the things you are experiencing, the new emotions/energy-in-motion can be overwhelming for many of us! I always recommend returning to journalling. It helps us ground our energy, get in touch with our thought processes and patterns, allows us to literally see what is going on in front of us – and observe our Self from a neutral mind (which we will get into further down the post). >>Check our journal page for inspiration!

Staying in the neutral mind for Self-observation

Return to your heart with your neutral mind. We have 3 functional minds – the positive mind, the negative mind and the neutral mind. Each one has its purpose and its positive/challenging aspects. And most of us sway from day-to-day – This in its Self is a beautiful practice to observe within our Self! The Negative mind sounds “bad,” but it’s protective qualities allows us to survive, observe for possible dangers and to be cautious. The Positive Mind is the expansive energy, which allows us to seek joy and fulfilment – while also giving us inspiration into possibilities of creating the things that feel right for us. The Neutral Mind is the balancing point, the Meditative mind – It allows us to use the energy of both the Negative and Positive in a scale form, weighing both sides out and making conscious observations and decisions. So, ask your Self regularly: Which mind am I operating from right now? If in doubt, take a few deep breaths into the heart space and allow thoughts and emotions to come up. Again, using a journal to track this will make a very interesting daily practice. Your neutral mind will guide you forward – A foundation to grow from.

“You have three minds: negative, positive and neutral. A person who does not deal with the neutral mind—even with all the wealth—shall not prosper and can’t be happy, because negative and positive cancel each other. It is the neutral mind which becomes the intuitive force in you.”

– Yogi Bhajan, 4/22/97

Your intuition is going to be one of the most valuable tools! As part of connecting to the Neutral Mind, intuition is the driving force that helps us be guided into the right spaces and places as we transform.

Reflection Questions: What does intuition mean to you? Can you remember a time where you did (or didn’t) listen to your intuition and what came up? How/Where does intuition feel in your body?

This is a beautiful opportunity to get deeply in touch with this part of our Self – The part of us where we just feel and know what is right for us… It is feminine energy (we all have masculine and feminine energy, regardless of our sex) that we often forget to connect within our modern global society… Listening, BE-ing and attracting/magnetizing (Vs the DOing action-based masculine energy that most of us are used to), creative, flowing, emotionally feeling/energy-in-motion. The way you feel intuition will be unique to you – A general rule is that when we tune in to our intuition, we feel it more as a strong (often silent, depending on how much we are used to listening to it) voice, whereas the ego/mind/fear will usually come in the form of thought-loops in our monkey mind chatter.

Develop Self-care regular practices that allow you to observe. This is why focusing on Self and what nurtures us is so important when we are evolving. Meditation, journaling, getting grounded into our body, feeding our body with seasonal foods… There are endless ways to nurture our whole Self. This is especially great if we feel like we are alone at this time – Take the focus from outside and returning that energy within.

Watch out for old patterns and cycles. As you change, you might attract or start to notice more of what you DON’T want. This is a challenging opportunity to face and confront the old cycles and patterns that you may need to release – In the form of people, situations etc that bring up the triggering old Self that we are trying to move forward from. Notice them and now it is a great time to choose differently in how we interact with these energy-loops. This confirms the Self-change and it takes time.

Choosing to open up our comfort zone. When we move out of the usual comfort zone, we instantly need to be more present! The new experience allows us to engage in our senses, practice to work with our intuition, to observe through the Neutral Mind and more. It also allows us the room to play… To play with the new energy!

Reflection Questions: What have you been wanting to try/do for a long time but felt scared of? What small things can you start adding to your weekly routine to get you out of your usual spaces/places?

Getting out of our own comfort zone can be simple – Trying a new class or course, going to a new place alone, adding small moments in our daily life that allows us to be creative – or even just to rest, which is one of the things most of us forget to do when we are so busy! Getting comfortable with the discomfort… Knowing that the same energy that may make us feel uneasy or anxious doing something new is actually a strong force of energy we can direct into our journey.

The world through new eyes

There might be times when you see or observe something and get the conscious realisation that you are not the same person anymore. Often when we go through any process, we don’t realise how we are changing until something comes up that confirms that we are actually in a totally different place and that we did a lot on our Self-journey. That Ah-HA moment is like a breakthrough!

Questioning everything… This is also a common thing that many experiences. The urge to question things that before did not give us the same curiosity. This can be a very personal form of questioning – About your daily habits, who you connect to, your work etc. Or it can also be the bigger collective questioning of politics, news, social structures etc. I always feel that a healthy dose of questioning is important – But so too is the need to practice the neutral mind and be selective about how we question everything. There has to be a balance in the information and energy we consume… Otherwise, we can easily spiral out of balance in our Self. And Self-care is a must if we start to dig into the “new normal”.

The Age Of Aquarius

We are in a collective transitional point – Yes, a new normal. As I write this post in 2020, we are now more aware of this than ever before, on a global level. We can see how everything is being played out in front us – The truth is that these changes have been going on for a while and most of it was either hidden or in parts of the world that may not have felt like it had a direct effect on us. It has been brewing and 2020 gave us some insights into what the collective transition is experiencing – from the use of technology, the groups we feel we belong to (both personal, political, collective etc), the information we are presented with, the way work has had to adapt… And so much more! These are all very Aquarian energy topics!

Kundalini awakenings are also happening so much more because of this shift. Kundalini rising is happening all over the world and will continue to be a topic that many new people will experience, even when the whole concept of metaphysics and spirituality is something that many never even considered before.


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