The Law of attraction is powerful – I love using these key stages to reflect on the journey into manifesting and transformation…


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Having an energy roadmap can help us to see where we are during times of changes and transitions…

It would be way to simple to say that law of attraction is easy… A lot of the time, there is a lot of bypassing that happens when we read about law of attraction tips and how to manifest in our life. I often think that if we receive something quickly and easy, there is also the danger that it can be lost just as quick too. Building a solid foundation and going through the Shadow work is one sure way of creating a longer lasting cycle of results.



This is a quick overview of the different stages that I use with my own clients and my own life – Sometimes, we may skip or return to a stage as we each have unique journeys. Listen to the podcast and see which stage you might be in right now…


This is the stage when we start to see obvious clues that we need to change – Something no longer feels right! It could be a gradual build-up of red flags in a job, relationship etc – Or it could be a quick life circumstance that pushes us to make a new choice, like being fired from the job we hated anyway!

Prepare as much as possible – If you are receiving all of these triggers, prepare for the change by getting clear on your values, your needs, your purpose for change – and maybe even start the process of what you need to do before the next stage. A common example: If you plan to take a leap and quit your job, what is your Plan B on a practical level for money/support/etc?

Watch out for the triggers that are pointing you in the direction of change. Observe your own boundaries, needs and values as you feel triggered. Triggers are opportunities for deep assessment and awareness.


This is one of the hardest steps to finally do – The jump into the unknown. It could be by choice or not, but it is the action and circumstance that pushes you into a new space which might make you feel many things – excited, scared, relieved etc. All very normal!

There is no going back now, you are taking the first step into a new stage of your life. Observe how change and fear of the unknown affects you.


Has it finally sunk in yet? If we already planned and prepared in the trigger stage, it might make this stage much easier. But even if you have been planning the last stage for a long time, the reality check stage brings forward the things we now need to do to flow with this change… Sometimes there are things we can’t plan/prepare when we make life changes. For example: The tasks to find a new home, send CVs, go to interviews, move out from our old home, say goodbye to old colleagues/friends etc. It can feel overwhelming sometimes – And often we expect to feel instant happiness after the leap… But when there is so much to do ahead, we might start to feel the pressure of what needs to get done.

It’s OK to feel everything – Take a deep breath! You are going to be fine, so take some time to get organised and get rest if needed. Write it all down, keep track and take each step and day as it comes. Self-care routines will help you get through this!


This is when we hit one of the most crucial stages – There is no time limit here. Think of the stage before the becoming a butterfly… It is deeply internal, hidden, and maybe lonely sometimes as we are right in the middle of letting go and figuring out what comes next. We are shifting our belief systems, our connections to others, our ideas and so much more. This is also where the real Shadow work takes place – where we hit our barriers and blocks, where we start to grief for the old life etc. At this stage there is a realisation that we have not left our Shadow behind when we took the leap, we now have the opportunity to make real changes.

Be super gentle on your Self at this point! Remember that you are not alone so get help from others if needed. Building a solid self care routine also helps to keep us grounded during these times – journalling, releasing through physical activities, creativity, trying new classes, taking a long healing bath… do what makes you feel nurtured the most.

Trust your Self and the process… It is happening, you are healing (even when you don’t realise it yet). Keep diving in deep, exploring, being curious, observing your true Self.


There is no perfect time or point, but we may start to feel stronger as we approach this stage. The old layers are shedding. All the hard work we have been doing is starting to pay off as we feel stronger, lighter and much more ready to embrace our new life. We may start to feel the release of the old in all forms… We can start building more actions to move forward with more confidence in our Self.

At this stage, notice if you are repeating old cycles and make conscious efforts to keep making new choices that support your new life. This is often when the Universe brings more challenges and more of the old – stick to what you know you need to release!


Now is when the magic starts to appear! You start to see your Self as a butterfly and attract the right things your way… This is a time when flow happens – you have already been tested and challenged many times, you know how to handle that too! The Saturn energy is the same as a strict teacher that keeps asking you to do more work – but Saturnian energy also rewards those who stick to their goals.

Look back at the past stages – How far you have come! Well done! Maybe everything is not yet “perfect” but you have come through for your Self!


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