HOW TO MANIFEST ANYTHING: 11 Law Of Attraction Tips (From 20+ Years Experience)

Learn all about law of attraction and how to manifest anything + PLUS tips that will help you gain positive results!

20+ Years of experimenting with the Law Of Attraction…

It has been an amazing and challenging learning experience… I want to share what it taught me and tips for fine-tuning it to suit our own experiences.


My journey started in the 1990’s. Geez, just writing the year down makes me feel like it was a LONG time ago, even when it feels just like yesterday! During this time, I was going through some sort of awakening in my own life – a real transition point. Something was being stirred up and then one of the first memorable experiences happened.

The book that started my journey on the holistic health path. It was my birthday, the Summer of 1996 – And as I always love to read, it was natural that the easiest present to give me was a book. So, my father took me to a bookshop and told me to pick one up as a present. I spent a long time looking through different sections – until I came across this one – Little did I know that it would introduce me to one of the most valuable holistic tools that I still use today.


⚡️ Book: Step-by-Step Miracles: A Practical Guide to Achieving Your Dreams by Shira Block(1995)

Be sure to click the links of each source I list (in red letters) for full details of it!

The book above goes with me everywhere! I read this book in one night and started applying it straight away – The results and my positive outlook started to grow. This felt like totally new territory, there wasn’t even a section in the library for anything related to mind-body-soul back then and this was long before these tools were common knowledge.

Looking back, there was a magic in the air in the 90’s… I can’t quite pin my finger on what it was but I remember feeling like big things were coming up, like something significant was going to happen in my lifetime. Looking up the dates of some of the significant sources of the early day law of attraction authors, here was the list of books and films that came up – and continued my interest in this.

More sources that also inspired me…

⚡️ Book: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay (1984)

A classic! This book was introduced to me a few months after the first by a friend who I kept having synchronistic meetings with. Our connection was full of inspiration, where I ;earned about music, travel, veganism and more… And just as quick as this friend entered my life, they also left. It was very strange and beautiful!

⚡️ Film: What the Bleep Do We Know!? (2005) – Watch the full film on YouTube

Worth watching the full video (link above). This was the next thing that came up a few years later. Through some challenging health issues, I was put to the test to use law of attraction in my life (to keep positive) – Perfect timing… It wasn’t long before someone posted a link to this documentary that explained everything in so much detail.

⚡️ Book & Film: The Secret (2006)

This is when law of attraction hit mainstream! If you are reading this, I pretty sure that this is one of the popular tools you have come across. Since then, there have been literally hundreds of films and videos exploring this topic.


The Universe (You-In-Verse) & Law Of Attraction Tips:

🌟 Every holistic tool works differently for each person…

I consider Law Of Attraction to be a great holistic tool – and one that has changed many people’s lives. However, we often forget that every tool works differently for each person. We are all unique beautiful beings that work and connect differently. It’s part of honouring our Self.

Law of attraction includes a whole range of methods to use it in our daily life. I found that the key thing is to fine-tune the way it works for us. This is fun, full of experimentation and will manifest many different (often surprising) results.

✅ Law Of Attraction Tips:

  • Be open at every stage – It will bring up many new doors to explore and there is no end point. This is the beauty about holistic health – the journey keeps going!

🌟 The flow of energy…

Highs and lows, it’s ALL good! The flow of energy is always in motion. There are so many factors that influence this too – Some examples of natural flows and cycles: The astrology transits (and how we connect to them in our own astro natal chart), the seasons, the moon cycles etc… Yes, nature plays a big part of how our energy interacts with the natural flows and cycles. After all, we are part of nature.

Emotions tell us a lot. Emotions = E-Motions = Energy-In-Motion. One of the easiest ways to explore the energy flow is through our own emotions… how our energy is in motion. Keep in touch with what/who makes you feel inspired, what/who drains you and your own natural body cycles (For women: our moon/menstrual cycle). The funny thing is, the most challenging emotions can give us the BIGGEST results… this energy is like a raw ball of fire, which we can choose to channel in a way that moves us forward (by having a break through) or Self sabotage. Every emotion is valid and important.

Make the most of each stage of the flow. Even if there is a “quiet space” where nothing seems to happening or manifesting our our law of attraction journey, we can use this space to our advantage too. Low points, silent/quiet manifesting periods and challenges are there to teach us something.

✅ Law Of Attraction Tips:

  • An invitation for Self love indulgence. I actually enjoy these points! I enjoy taking these moments to dive deep into Self love activities – like taking a day out, going out in nature, running a long salt bath and more. When we take care of our Self through more Self love activities, we hold space to navigate these energy flows with more understanding and room for reflection.
  • Astrology is a in-depth science. There is much more to it than the newspaper column that we read about how our day is going to turn out! In fact, diving into astrology answered so many questions that I had been wandering for years – about why I am the way I am. There are many amazing astrologers on YouTube that will do regular energy-astro updates… If you are not sure where to begin, follow the lunar cycles each month – The full moon and the new moon for each month.

🌟 Don’t be scared of your shadow Self…

Law of attraction tools will bring up many Self challenges. One of the things I rarely hear when I explore information on this topic is how we will need to face our own personal blocks at some point. And that it is OK to go through the lows, as well as the highs.

There is no light without the shadow. The sooner we can accept that we need to embrace both, the better – this way we can actually learn from both. There is such an emphasis to be happy all the time or always be peace-love-and-light (which is a beautiful thing!)… But don’t forget to dive deep into the other parts. Shine a light on the shadow and see what has been buried!

✅ Law Of Attraction Tips:

  • Face it! – Whatever is coming up that is challenging you, learn to face it head on. This is the only way. It may take some time, it even may take extra help from others (like seeing a life coach, therapist etc)… But this block is there to teach you more about your Self and to release what no longer serves you (which will help you open a whole new world of what you attract!).
  • Explore many holistic therapies. There are hundreds of therapies and therapists out there. Even if you don’t have a set issue that you want to explore, try a therapy to unwind and relax… Those are the moments when we actually let our guard down and allow the healing process to begin.
  • Journal writing – I am a BIG fan of this. It will help you keep track of everything, but it will also help you release anything in a healthy way. Whenever blocks come up, explore your shadow Self by just letting it all go on paper – your fears, your emotions, all the *stuff* that is triggering you at this moment. Then close your journal, meditate and get some rest (or do something nurturing to your soul).

🌟 Let go of control…

It is tempting to get caught up with how we want something to EXACTLY manifest. What if we are actually limiting our Self by doing this? I often hear that we need to get more clear, yet I also feel like being over-clear about something can also mean NOT making room for better things (that we can’t imagine right now) to come our way.

For example: I like to travel and I also like having a base. I may want to manifest a home as a solid base… If I was over-clear, I can then limit my Self by focusing on the ideal flat as a home. So what if the Universe wants to manifest a home as something different – like a boat instead (where I can travel and have base)? Maybe this is a better fit! Random example, but you get what I am trying to say. There have been times in my life where I had a set idea of what I wanted and soon realised that the Universe has other plans, that make more sense for my journey in the long run.

✅ Law Of Attraction Tips:

  • Keep it general (enough). If you want to manifest a sum of cash, maybe think about an amount that you want as a minimum (without limiting your Self) – For example (affirmation): “I want to manifest a minimum of $500 or more, I am open to the possibilities!” By being a little general and open, you can leave room for more.
  • Connect with the *feeling* of what you want. You can also focus on the way something will make you feel, not just what you think of it. This is actually much more powerful I think… Imagine you already have what you want to manifest. For example: I am feeling what it is like to have the home of my dreams – I feel secure and  able to express my Self in this space.

🌟 Divine timing, trust and grounding…

Hold space for your Self and the process. This means honouring where you are and actually try to enjoy the stage you are in! We often get SO caught up in the future, goal planning and what it would be like to have our goals in place in order to be happy… Then we completely miss being present and enjoying what the process/current stage is showing us now. We can have fun too! We can be happy right now.

Ground your Self now. Law of attraction and manifesting tools can really work up our upper Chakras. It is SO important to stay grounded and work with the lower Chakras. This is about us being fully present, being physical, taking actions and enjoying what the earthly realms hold for us.

Trust the journey. And don’t suffocate the energy! This is part of letting go of control too – But it needs to be a whole point because we forget that many other things (which we can’t see) are taking place as we work on our manifestation journey. And there is nothing attractive about feeling desperate about something! Let the space be open, not suffocated with doubts and fears of it not happening.

✅ Law Of Attraction Tips:

  • Reflection Q: What are you enjoying about your life now? What is this stage teaching you? What can you do today to enjoy your Self?

🌟 Begin with humble gratitude…

Heart awakenings begin with deep gratitude. It is the easiest way to simply open your Self up to more of the goodness that makes you enjoy life! Remember, the whole spectrum counts (including the simple things in life) – From pouring your Self a cup of coffee to bagging your Self the dream job, it all counts.

Your heart Chakra will be balanced through this. The heart Chakra is one of the most powerful energy points in our system, balancing out our upper and lower Chakras. By consciously and actively being grateful for what we have in our life, a huge shift of energy occurs. There is a real healing quality that can happen – This is especially obvious when we have been going through a rough low point in our life and we need to heal.

✅ Law Of Attraction Tips:

  • Before you get out of bed in the morning, start your gratitude affirmations. I love doing this, just when I am getting back into my body after a long night’s sleep (and dreaming) and I still feel like I am in the middle point of being between the Higher realms and back on planet Earth… it has become a very beautiful habit that gets me in a good mood, no matter what stressful events the day has in store!
  • Explore yoga and meditation to open the heart Chakra. You can find YouTube videos on this, so go ahead and put this in your regular routines.

🌟 Connect to having fun and your creative Self…

Creativity is a powerful manifesting energy. It can be expressed through traditional ways of being creative – such as art etc. But it can also be any activity that you effortlessly feel tuned into – and brings out a sense of joy and fun!

There are so many other benefits of mixing creativity with law of attraction. It connects with your 2nd Chakra, which is the area where we store a lot of energy ties (past/present/future) and where we hold emotions. It also helps us release old energy and emotions in a fun way. I encourage creativity to be a big part of your manifesting journey!

✅ Law Of Attraction Tips:

  • Reflection Q: What makes you feel alive? – I believe everyone is tuned to at least one activity that makes you lose all sense of time with joy… Whether it is dancing, going for a jog, gardening etc… Ask your Self what you truly love to do. And if you have no clue, ask your Self what you used to love to do as a child… how can you bring some of those activities or elements into your life now?

🌟 Write a list of extended methods from LOA (Law of Attraction)…

As I mentioned before, law of attraction is a huge umbrella tool for MANY methods. Part of exploring it is to get clear about which method/s we feel most connected to.

✅ Law Of Attraction Tips:

  • Reflection Q: Which method seems interesting to you? A few examples are: Vision board, Affirmations, Visualisation Meditation, Art Therapy. You may have found more… write the list down and see which one you are most drawn to explore.

🌟 Which of your earthly senses are you connected to the most?

Our earthly senses will give us many clues as to what is the best way for us to use law of attraction methods. Everyone will connect to at least one of their senses more than others – or enjoy one of their sense more. For me, my strongest sense is hearing – so I like to use music and inspirational talks on areas that I want to manifest in… I usually combine them in a music playlist and listen to them all day.

✅ Law Of Attraction Tips:

  • Reflection Q: Which of your senses are strongest for you? Pick one. The key is to be clear about which sense you are using and then find a way to include it as a main focus. For example: If you are a very visual person, then using a vision board might be a good way to visually connect with your manifesting desires.

🌟 Make this part of your daily spiritual practice…

Create a positive habit and spiritual daily practice. Every moment of the day, we are doing something out of habit… Use the law of attraction tools in your daily life to create positive habits. This will AFFIRM and re-program your energy and how you value your daily life.

✅ Law Of Attraction Tips:

  • Set 15 minutes a day (minimum) to dedicate it to your law of attraction tools. I would suggest that the morning is a great time for this – It sets the energy tone of the day.

🌟 Don’t forget to take action and do realistic planning…

“Keep up and you’ll be kept up.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

It is not enough to just think about what you want to attract or to use different methods. You also will need to go out there and take real actions towards making it happen. Realistic baby steps that will eventually build up and create a solid foundation for more things to come. It’s time to really show up for your Self!

My favourite visualisation is a tall brick wall. To start anything and manifest it, I like to visualise or draw a rectangle (as a brick) and fill it with an image or words of what baby step I need to do… then I will slowly add another rectangle on the same layer until the layer feels complete – Then I will slowly add more rectangle bricks to another layer and watch as my brick wall is starting to form a solid foundation. It reminds me that no baby step forward is too small, it all adds up.

✅ Law Of Attraction Tips:

  • Work with your Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra.  These 2 Chakras will help you be guided by what you love and move forward with courage and confidence. You can do this by doing meditations for these 2 Chakras.

There you go! These tips have helped me SO much over the years, I hope it inspired you to have fun and experiment with it! SAT NAM ❤️



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