VIDEO – The Chakras Of Empaths And Highly Sensitive People HSPs

Learn about your Chakra System and how to balance your energy, especially if you are an empath and HSP.

This is a topic that fascinates me… As an energy therapist for the last 20 years, this has been one of my main tools and foundations for all the therapy work, yoga and coaching that I do. And this is what I want to share with others because we can ALL use energy healing tools to improve our health – mind, body and soul. It is complex and it is always evolving… Let’s dive in!



This course is for complete beginners, as well as those who have a good understanding of the Chakras – all welcome!

The easiest visualization would be to imagine a train network map… Each train might have its own colour for the train line and each stop has its own interactions with different lines. Then you have the main train stations that most trains run through or travel to further out locations. We also have a complex interactive network in our energy system, where there are many Chakras acting as train stations and many lines that move energy around. In most energy therapies, there is a reference to 7 Chakras (even when there are many more!) – and in Kundalini we have 8 (to include the aura).

In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “disk” or “wheel” and refers to the energy centres in your body. These wheels or disks of spinning energy each correspond to certain nerve bundles and major organs. The chakras radiate a specific colour and energy, and each one coincides with a gland in the physical body. Since each chakra relates to specific spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of our being, it is believed that their blockage or malfunction can lead to physical, psychological and emotional disorders. The conscious awareness and balancing of these energy centres, on the other hand, is believed to lead to well-being and good health.  


We are evolving into ever-growing sensitive beings on earth, even if it is deeply subconscious Think of the number of life transitions we go through in this one lifetime, in comparison to even just a few generations ago – We might have changed careers, relationships, location etc several times already… All of which shows that we are experiencing a faster pace of karma/dharma in cycles and in real-time, in just this lifetime alone. This is intense! What used to take generations to unfold can now be seen in our generation and in future generations. We have been adapting to this as a collective. So too has our sensitivity to the number of exchanges we have. And most of them are energy exchanges in the form of connections to our environment, people, locations etc.

For those of us who are aware of our sensitivity, this awareness can often bring its own challenges too. As an empath and HSP, we know how these exchanges affect us – both positively and negatively. We often literally feel how drained we become when we have a challenging experience. It is essential to build a Self-care practice to re-charge and bring awareness to our energy exchanges so that we can show up in the world with strength and inner power!

Here are some of the tips I mention in the video…



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