FEBRUARY 2022 – Rise And Shine!

This month’s newsletter


I think many of us feel as though we hit the pause button since 2020, with good reason too – A lot has been going on! And it hasn’t been easy… Sending love energy to all of you who have experienced hardship in the last 2 years.

As we now move forward into 2022, after the retrograde slower energy of Venus and Mercury retrograde, this month is starting out with a burst of energy with the New Moon in Aquarius. The burst of the new energy!

Building solid foundations through Self-care…

Usually, we think of this month as Valentine’s Day month – Celebrating love with others! What if we focus that energy on building some solid Self-love rituals for our Self first – And watch how that energy is naturally channelled to the people we love.

Now we can really feel how the energy is flowing stronger for 2022 – Here are some Self-care tools to get you started this month!

We have many new things coming up for 2022…

As part of growing Self-love tools, I am feeling fueled to grow and share so much more here with you – Including some exciting upcoming webinars and workshops!

Tell us what you think here!

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