SELF-LOVE RITUALS: A Portable Alter – The Gratitude Box

A beautiful way to explore gratitude! It’s amazing how the simple things can keep us connected to our heart space. This gratitude box is perfect as a place to store your loved energy tools and even acts as a portable alter if you are travelling!

Giving thanks to the Universe is a personal thing – I like to use the words abundance, gratitude, trust & allowing as part of the process of connecting to this flow of energy… and gratitude boxes are a cute (and practical-easy-to-store) way of holding together all the things that you want to share in this beautiful flow. Think of it as a portable alter! It can be as big or as little as you want – you can make it or buy one – the gratitude box is a place to put sacred things of gratitude as a reminder to your Self and a place that you can connect to during meditation and reflection work. 


✨ Ideas to try!

Get a box that feels good to you! This is the fun part… choosing the box that feels good for you. I’ve had a few in the past – mainly jewelry boxes that I bought in craft shows, handmade online shops (I am an Etsy addict!) and some that were passed down from my mother. The key thing is to find a box that you like, from a place that has good energy for you. Have fun with it!

Notes of gratitude – You can write small notes and roll them up with people’s names or things in your life that you feel you want to share the positive energy with.

A letter of abundance – Just like the notes above, you can try  a simple technique… Write an imaginary letter to someone (it can be an imaginary person) as if you are already in the future (maybe 6 months – 2 year from now). Tell this person what kind of life you are living at  that very moment – go through the positive emotions and be as clear or as general as you like – keep it positive, happy and full of the goals you are planning. If you aren’t sure of your goals right now, focus on the feeling and experiences of being in a place of happiness. This letter is a fab tool for allowing your Self to visualise the things you are open to in your life. Invite it in! Every time you need some motivation, this is a great letter to remind your Self 🙂

Crystals – They keep the energy clear and they also transfer energy to everything nearby (and out into the Universe)… so choose crystals that radiate love and clarity. Great crystals to store in your box are those that are connected with your heart and crown chakras (more info). You can also visit shops and check out which crystals seem to *call-out* to you. Trust your instinct as these crystals might be the very things you need right now! Be sure to cleanse them by soaking your crystal in water and sea salt overnight before use and every 2-3 weeks.

Jewellry – You can store items of jewelry that are important to you (for example, I love to keep my mala bead necklace that my best friend gave to me many years ago, she inspired me in following the spiritual journey).

Tarot & affirmation cards – Many people like to use their quiet times of meditation and reflection with affirmation and/or tarot cards. There are many beautiful card decks to buy out there and this is a nice place to store them safely. My personal favourite is a deck by Caroline Myss, Healing Cards.


✨ Using the gratitude box for meditation

Have your gratitude box nearby when you are meditating – In doing so, you are adding and sending out positive energy from your gratitude box.

🧘🏽‍♂️ Meditation: Sending Waves Of Love To The Universe!

Place your gratitude box in front of you. Sit in a comfortable position. Make sure your spine is straight, to allow easy movement and flow of energy along your chakras…

Close your eyes. Begin to focus on the natural rhythms of your breath… feel it float in and out of your body. And slowly deepen your breath, try to make it as even a possible so you breathe in and out at the same depth…

Set your intention for your meditation today – This meditation will be great for sending out love energy, giving thanks to the Universe and releasing – so think of any intentions that are connected to this.

When you are ready, place your right arm across your chest and hold your right hand directly on your heart area (heart chakra). Then, take your left hand and place it on top of your head (crown chakra) or on your third eye chakra (hand across your forehead and over your eyebrows)… We are using and connecting all those amazing points of energy in our hands (which transmit energy to/from the rest of our body) to the 2 main chakras that we want to work with. We are connecting our heart chakra with our spiritual chakras of the crown and the third eye.

Slowly take your attention to your heart and feel your heart beat – your hand will probably be able to pick it up easily. Stay with this powerful center for a while… our heart radiates and circulates all the vital things our physical and energy body needs 🙂

Then slowly begin to imagine this ball of energy forming around your right hand, into your heart… it is slowly floating upwards now, towards your left hand and around the part of your head which is covered. Stay in this place for a moment… this will connect these chakras together, along with your hands. This channel of flow is getting stronger and your hands are picking up all of these energy waves from your own energy system now.

When you are ready, slowly remove your hands from your body and place them on your gratitude box. This box contains all the things that you love and feel grateful for. You can spend some time holding or looking through anything in your box now, like doing a card reading or holding some of your crystals.

The final step is to imagine that all the energy you have accumulated from your meditation, through your chakras and hands, are now radiating out of the box and into the Universe, like a clear channel of energy waves. This will send out powerful messages of giving thanks to the Universe and open up a whole new channel to receiving inspiration and manifesting new things in your life through the law of attraction.

You might like to end the meditation with an affirmation of love and trust.


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2 thoughts on “SELF-LOVE RITUALS: A Portable Alter – The Gratitude Box

  1. Great ideas! My husband and I just have a verbal gratitude list we pull out in times of trial…it’s amazing how quickly our attitudes get turned in a positive direction!

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