Travel Tips For Empaths, Introverts & Highly Sensitive People

Let’s explore tips for highly sensitive souls and empaths to enjoy travel fully! Let’s explore…

I haven’t really been present here over the last couple of months, so much has been going on! A real transitional place where I am exploring and being real to my Self about my journey… and travel has been there, but more on a work level.

As Autumn is well and truly here, I am now back to traveling… and I’m more aware of my needs as I travel. Autumn is one of my favorite times to travel – transitional seasons like Spring and Autumn brings the energy of transformation in any location you visit!

As an empath, living in a supercharged city like London, I am SO aware of how my sensitive energy needs nurturing. And if I am away from my usual Self-care routines and rituals at home, I become even more aware of how I need to continue the inner work – especially if I am away and on the road.

I wanted to share my own personal tips that keep my energy levels high and strong as I travel. If you are generally sensitive to energy and your environment, I hope these tips help you too 🙂

Set your intentions…

Like any yoga or meditation practice, set your intentions for your future travel. This will be a huge reminder of what it is you want to connect with and your Self. Make it a space of sacred affirmation.

Each travel experience is a place for learning and growth – What do you want to explore on your next trip?

My current favorite travel affirmation for my next trip (as an example): “I am open to allowing my heart and intuition to guide the way!”

This also can make a great theme for journal writing or creative projects along the way.

Do your research…

The beauty about traveling today is that you can pretty much find any answers to your travel questions online… invest in some time to find the details that you need. I find this especially helpful for the first day when I just arrive and want to know exactly what I need to do and how much it will cost for travel to/from my hotel.

Other things I will definitely research:

  • Safety tips (general tips and for the location) – Whether I travel solo or with someone, I like to keep this in mind and follow them.
  • Have my offline map apps ready.
  • Veggie spots to explore my love for food.
  • Green spaces – Places where I can go to recharge my energy.
  • Have a rough daily list of things to do – I may not always follow them, but they might come in handy for ideas.
  • Walking tours and walking maps – there are plenty of free walking tours in cities or online maps of walking tours that you can do alone.
  • The weather – I hate not being prepared for this, especially when moving around… being cold when out and about is no fun!

Trust your instincts!

Time and time again… this is SO true! The last 2 years, I have had to cancel things with no logical explanation – yet realized later that the timing was not right. The same goes with work projects and meeting people etc… it has been a real lesson for me on my instincts and intuition – they are never wrong. BUT it takes real practice/action to tune in – especially if we have ignored it for a long time!

Sometimes we mistaken our inner knowing for fear/ego… so get familiar with what it is that is going on within!

One tip that may bring clarity to the difference between fear-ego and genuine intuition: 

Deep knowing, instincts and intuition will tell you something once – and you will feel it in your heart space area… It says it clearly and softly.

Whereas fear and ego based signs/thoughts will be in your mind space… it will make you travel through a whole series of mind chatter and question, without ever reaching an answer.

Follow your intuition and instincts, especially as you travel – for safety and for inspiration!  

It will take you to some beautiful spaces and people, while help you avoid things that will be unsafe or not aligned with your Self.

Don’t let your fear stop you from traveling alone…

Following from the last tip, I would like to add this – Everyone who is doing something new will feel fear at some point. It’s about getting out of our comfort zone. And the more you do it, the more you will start to channel that fear into pure excitement!

Trust plays a huge part in the Self-exploration – So, never let your fear stop you from traveling alone. You CAN do it… start off with short simple trips and make your way to bigger and more distant locations. You will learn SO much about your Self 🙂

Find places of nature to enjoy…

This is especially wonderful in a city location – Green spaces and parks gives us a chance to integrate the energy fully within. To balance, to give us space to reflect and embrace where you are.

Nature is part of any location you are in… observe how its energy is. Take time out for you 🙂

Continue to do your Self-caring routines…

If I am traveling, I will try my very best to include my meditation and yoga practice in it somehow – even if it just a few minutes in the morning. This is all part of grounding our energy!

Empaths, introverts and highly sensitive people tend to work so much with their upper Chakras – so when there is change in the more “earthly” physical level (such as new locations while traveling), it is important to ground your Self deeper… to fully be present in what is going on now.

Some things I love to do:

  • Take my essential oils with me to have a bath or sprinkle in the shower to recharge after a long day.
  • Bring my portable yoga mat or use a towel as quick yoga mat.
  • To do at least 3 minutes of meditation and a short yoga set in the morning.
  • Use music to keep me calm and centered – listening in the hotel or having one ear piece in my ears on low volume as I walk around (yet having another ear to listen to what’s around me).
  • Portable meditation alter – Meditation alters can be really small and portable… a few pictures, mala beads, incense stick and a picture of something inspiring is all you need really!

Slow it down…

Whether I have a few days or a few months of traveling, I like to take time throughout the day to just stop and enjoy… taking time to truly observe and be in the moment.

This is also one of the reasons I prefer to have a home base and travel as often as I can from there… slowing things down can help our beautiful sensitive energy really adapt and enjoy the experiences of new things.

Our sensitive energy picks up SO much – so take the time to sit in a local cafe, people watch, take slow walks and take things in at your own pace.

Keep your energy levels up with good wholesome food…

Mood and food go hand-in-hand… your energy levels are very much affected by your food. This is one of the things I enjoy budgeting for during my travel – I will make space to eat food I enjoy and keeps my energy levels going. This usually includes researching veggie spots and cafes where I can both relax and enjoy food that inspires me.

Keep your body, emotions and energy levels high with good food!

Get creative and release!

Going to new locations or even re-exploring a favourite place will always bring up a different side of us and how we perceive our environment.

Getting creative while traveling will give you space to go deep into what is coming up for you… Like writing, journal work, photography, poetry, dancing it out, yoga, meditation… anything that will get you in the zone of connecting to your creative Self!

Challenge your Self by nurturing this side of your Self 🙂

… Hope these help! Enjoy your journey 🙂

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