Reflection Video: Do We Now Have An Unhealthy Obsession For The Healthy Lifestyle?

I saw this video today and it made me wonder – Have we reached a new challenge in this field? Let’s face it, the whole yoga, health and holistic health scene has become a HUGE industry… While there are many positive things about having this lifestyle choice out there for the masses, what about any negative effects? I’m thinking about all the recent articles on yoga Selfies, body perfect images and food pictures… this video explores it.

Keep your chia seed smoothies off my Instagram feed – Bella Mackie

“The online obsession for ‘wellness’ has gone way beyond getting your five a day, says Bella Mackie. Endless smug posts by Instagrammers ‘treating’ themselves to quinoa brownies and taking post-workout selfies are getting on her nerves. But, she argues, this isn’t simply annoying: the ‪#‎eatclean‬scene could be damaging for a generation of young women”

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