Holistic Business: 5 Lessons From 10+ Years Working In Holistic Health

This area will only ever expand!

These are exciting times… It is an “industry” now… the demand for yoga classes, holistic therapists and information has grown, thanks to the online sharing tools too.

This offers us more freedom to choose how we work, where we work and how we share our work.

Be prepared to constantly Self evolve too…

As this field expands, the way we work needs to change… we also need to Self evolve and “Keep Up!” (as Yogi Bhajan used to say).

For example: When I began my work, there were no online services/classes. Youtube wasn’t available to share. Now, it’s easy to set up an online business, there is no need to be based in one place only.

Being able to adapt quickly will allow you to offer/share more with your clients/students in exciting ways 🙂

Work from the heart space, not your ego…

Clients are quick to spot whether you are working with heart and passion – or from your ego… Trust me on this! There is no place to hide here… you just have to be real with your Self and what you offer.

It’s OK to not know everything – everyday there is more scientific evidence and information exploring holistic health. We only ever need to be open to expanding our knowledge – and to learn from our own experiences/clients/students too.

Ultimately, what clients do really value is how you make them feel, your passion for your work and how you share/inspire your work… Share your journey as a student (not an expert) who is constantly learning and sharing… this creates a wonderful flow.

Let your work do the talking for you, not your ego.

There is no competition… only abundance!

I’ve worked in many holistic health centers over the years. I also used to run my own therapy space, where I worked with other therapists and teachers. I have been observing my own journey and approach to this – and seen how others deal with the rise in like-minded businesses.

The whole business aspect of it can be daunting and can bring up a lot of stuff in each of us, especially as it’s all about money – and our beliefs around it. Don’t get me wrong, money is important and business does mean that bills need to be paid – Remember that our approach and beliefs towards money (and competition) from other therapists/teachers can create energy too.

As this field expands, with more holistic therapists and yoga teachers out there, there’s a high chance someone close by will be offering the same therapies/classes/courses are you.

I have worked in some holistic centers in the past where the energy was so negative and stagnant, just because of the dog-eat-dog attitude towards targets between therapists/teachers with competition… When a client entered the door, I am not surprised that they walked back out! A  toxic energy.

What if I told you that what you offer and who you attract is unique to you? What if the clients you attract through your unique energy/passion are right for your services, not anyone else’s? This is when we need to remind our Self… money and business is all about energy exchange and flow.

Keep it positive, flowing, passionate and abundant – it’s a great thing that more of us are working in this field!

Cultivate healthy daily routines or “rituals”…

The sooner you put daily routines (or rituals as I prefer to call them) in place from the start, the easier it is to create positive flow in how you work…

These rituals shouldn’t just be done when things are slow in business… little and often can keep the steady flow of work coming in.

Here are some areas to (re)think about putting into place – How can you put your energy into these areas every day/week?

  • Researching and learning: Being pro-active in learning about the latest information out there. For example: Online videos and talks, scientific research, subscribing to health journals etc
  • Marketing your work regularly: You may have a great service, but how will people know about it if you don’t share it? For example – Website, social media, leaflets, writing etc
  • Don’t Forget… Self Care! Don’t forget to take care of your own energy, to avoid burn-out. For example – Going to yoga classes, meditation at home, exploring creativity etc

I hope these tips help… I will post more soon ❤

Tell us what you think here!

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