The Start Of A Beautiful Journey: Yoga For Empaths ❤️

This website needed a DRASTIC change… I changed, my experiences. changed… and now I know why I had to wait for a while to embrace this new blog. Lessons take time… And I want to share all the lessons and practical experiences, tips and inspirations that I had to learn along the way! JOIN ME… is now alive ❤️


Theory is great but PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE is what most of us really need now.

Let’s get real….most of us lead hectic lifestyles and being a yogi in a cave or a retreat space is the ideal, but not always the reality of our daily life. And that’s OK, – It’s actually what I love most about exploring yoga. This is yoga OFF the mat and into the daily life we lead, no matter what your lifestyle is.

This blog is here to celebrate YOU… whether you are a newbie to the yoga and the holistic lifestyle path – or if you have been enjoying natural living for years…. we can all learn.

Empaths come from ALL walks of life.

Being an empath is not an easy label to put anyone in. Since 2004, I worked mainly as an energy therapist in the heart of London’s financial district. My clients were from all corners of the world, from all spiritual/religious/cultural/racial/etc backgrounds, from bankers to celebs to priests, extroverts to introverts… it didn’t matter because there seemed to be a common thread that I seemed to be attracting as my client/student base. They were all empaths in one form or another. Over the years, this became more obvious to me.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 20.07.48

The world is evolving…. and so are we!

Our needs today are so different from even just 5 years ago… Let’s embrace our sensitivity and find tools to celebrate this!

We are all getting energetically-intelligent. There are all kinds of intelligence… emotional, spiritual, intellectual etc… what if they were ALL combined to make an energetically-intelligent person? Is that even a word?!? But yes, basically, we are all being called to be smarter about how we interact with our energy, especially as we are being challenged more and more in how we channel/collect it. We ALL feel the ripple effect on so many levels – personal, emotional, spiritual, social, political and more.

Being an empath is a gift at this time. The key is our sensitive awareness… and with this, we can see how our reality is a changing landscape of information and energy. These are exciting times!

Every single day is a opportunity to explore!

Our energy changes every single day, with many different factors that affect our daily life. It’s a great opportunity to really see each and every day as a wonderful experience to hold space and observe our Self fully, to see what comes up and take the actions needed to fulfil our life journey (our dharma).


Let’s explore together…

My name is Linda (yogi name Tera Kaur) and I want this blog to blossom into a space where e can all use the tools and techniques out there in our daily life, no matter how hectic it is!

Come and join me on my journey as I share my experiences from the last 20 years…

Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe for new blog posts.



Tera Kaur has been interested in Holistic health for over 20 years and professionally working with clients since 2004 through energy therapies (Reiki & CHIOS energy healing), meditation and Kundalini yoga. >> See Her Main Website

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