Holistic Tips For S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) & Embracing Autumn

Feeling SAD and the Winter Blues? Tips for Seasonal Affective Disorder and for embracing Autumn… The colder months don’t have to be boring – it’s a fantastic time to get really cosy and start routines that we can truly indulge our Self in!

Sharing my thoughts…

This is when I go straight into full-blown hibernation mode – and I love it! But this was not always the case. I actually used to dread it – feeling my energy levels and my mood slump as Autumn came near and often dealing with S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) too. This is what prompted me to look at ways to embrace this time of the year as it was starting to get in the way of how I felt in daily life.

As an energy healer and nature lover, I started to learn that this is one of the best times to truly get deep into your Self – We are diving into our lower Chakras that deal with our emotions, our creativity, planting new seeds of inspiration and ideas and connecting to our inner fire/light. For many, this is also the time of the year to connect with family during the holiday season, Winter Solstice and the start of the New year. There is a lot going on, even when we may feel like slowing down.

Allow your Self to dream, take your time and be present in each moment – Use this space during the year to really explore what comes up within. During the hotter months of Spring/Summer, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the faster and more external buzz of energy. For now, allow your Self to enjoy the pace of rest and inner connection.

3 Things I always remind my Self of during these colder months

  • It’s OK to slow down… If my energy levels are feeling lower, slowing down during my daily routines may help to ease into the energy and adjustment of the colder seasons.
  • Radical Self Care… How can I add more things to my life (even just a few minutes of breathing deeply) to explore Self-love? An opportunity to give full permission to indulge our Self in things that make us feel good!
  • Don’t hold it in… If challenging emotions or thoughts come up, it’s tempting to dismiss them. Bring awareness to them, feel them, find ways to release them – By talking to someone close, using the energy to journal or do creative new projects. Gentle exercise, yoga and long walks help to get grounded and release too.

Sharing my favourite cosy tip to connect to the flow of Autumn/Winter…

🍂 Clearing out old energy

I like to start each season by having a major clear-out. As Autumn and Winter is a time for spending more time indoors, it’s perfect to make a cosy space at home with positive energy. Get rid of old energy and make way to enjoy your time at home.

It is at this time that we can dive in much deeper and clear out the lower Chakras – Using many different tools! I explore this in my 10-day Autumn/Winter detox program… I share what kundalini meditation, topics, journal exercises and more I love to do!

🍂 Long baths

Connect with the water element (creative and emotional energy) by having longer bath sessions, sprinkling in some sweet essential oils and long deep breathing. You can add this more as a part of your self-care routine – embracing the slower pace and feeling energy old stagnant energy melt away.

🍂 Using essential oils around the home that remind me of the season

Essential oils are a great way of bringing nature and holistic health into our lives. Using our senses, we can enhance our mood in such a positive way too. Think about the season of the year you are in now – Does a specific scent come to your mind?

Autumn and Winter remind me of the base note essential oils – These are usually earthy, grounding and deep. Examples are: Rose, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Jasmine and more. There is a whole range of other essential oils out there so have fun exploring.

Have a look online and go to an aromatherapy shop to see which essential oils feel right for you. Never apply them directly to your skin and also follow the safety guidelines as they are powerful.

An easy way to use them is to sprinkle a few drops into a hot bath or shower. Or use an essential oil diffuser or oil burner.

🍂 Get a massage or healing treatment

September (the start of the Autumn term) is always the time when I get really busy with my therapy work! And it is actually the perfect time to return back to Yin energy – Being receptive and allowing nurturing energy to be part of our life. One way to do this is by treating your Self to regular massages or healing treatments. A lot of treatments can also be done online as energy healing can be done through distance too.

🍂 Taking my home yoga, meditation and journalling practice to the next level

As well as clearing out the home space, why not spice up your yoga and meditation practice? You could use this time to get really deep into your inner practice – This could be yoga, meditation or anything that connects you to that spark that makes you feel good. Allow this time to enjoy how you are drawn to channel your creative energy! I love writing journal posts on new ideas for projects to work on during Autumn/Winter. Creating new seeds to blossom.

🍂 Wrapping up warm and taking a slow nature walk

To add to nourishing home routines, enjoy nature as the seasons change. This is the time I try to not let the weather get the best of me and take walks to nearby parks or green spots. During these strolls, it’s amazing how nature shows us new things and slowly transitions along with us.

🍂 Good company at home

You don’t need to wait until Christmas or New Year to have a gathering at home. And just because it’s cold outdoors, it shouldn’t affect your social life. Why not have dinner parties or cosy get-togethers at your place. If this is not possible in-person, arrange a dinner date with a friend or family on Zoom.

🍂 Trying out new comfort food recipes

Comfort food is happy food! Especially when it’s home-cooked and healthy. It’s perfect for sharing with your loved ones or alone with some good music on. This is the time of the year when I would most likely be searching online for new ideas and trying new recipes. Eating in season and checking out new recipes for grounding foods can create healthy comfort foods (soups, stews, etc)

🍂 Exploring new music online and in live venues

Ar home, I enjoy having music in the background. And if I go out, I’ll venture out to visit some new live music venues. I find that many cities come alive during the colder months with amazing indoor concerts and open mic events. There are also many online events to enjoy as artists share more on social media.

🍂 Visit a second-hand bookstore for old books or listen to more audio books

Speaking of new venues, I also enjoy heading into town to find spots where I can pick up a good book (I love the second-hand bookstores) and get a good strong coffee as well. If this is not something we can do (lock-down etc), then I love to up my level of listening to audio books.

🍂 Try a new class or course – Online or in-person

This time of the year is also wonderful for learning new things. Remember when you went back to school in Autumn? Even if those years have long gone, it doesn’t mean you should stop learning and trying new things. What have you always wanted to learn? Maybe there is a class or a course near you that you can attend during your free time. Online learning websites (like Skillshare) have amazing platforms to explore new skills and learn new things.

I hope this inspires you ♥

TRY THIS! 30 Minute Audio Meditation to do anytime during Autumn

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