As Autumn comes near, the energy shifts and starts to change… I love to use this time to set new daily routines and to do some rituals to welcome autumn in!


A simple ritual to ground and root your energy

YOU WILL NEED: To be with your favourite tree, a piece of paper and pen, a new journal, your favourite essential oil that reminds you of Autumn and some music if you like!

Let me share my favourite way to celebrate Autumn Equinox! Pick your favourite tree in nature… It could be in your local park or in any setting where you feel you are connected to this tree.

Take a blank piece of paper. On one side, write a list of things that you are hoping to release in the next 6 months – Think about anything that has been weighing your energy down, anything that has felt emotionally heavy or no longer inspires you on your journey now. On the other side, I invite you to write a list of new things that you are hoping to plant seeds in your life – This can be a personal or work project, a new activity, a new daily Self-care routine, or anything that you know will nurture you in the next 6 months.

Pick your favourite essential oil – When you have finished writing everything on the paper, take a few drops of your favourite essential oil in the palms of your hands. Put the paper down for a moment and start to rub your hands vigorously together, creating heat and energy between your hands. Do this for as long as you like – You can close your eyes if you prefer. You can also chant a mantra or listen to a song (I have one just below in this post that I love). While you are doing this, think about what you wrote on your paper and what energy it holds.

When you are ready, take the paper between your heated hands. Place your hands into a prayer pose at your heart centre with your paper in between your hands – This is also known as Anjali Mudra. Take a moment to feel the energy flow into the paper from your heart space and the heat of your hands. Stay here for as long as you like – When you are ready, take 3 long deep breaths in and out.

Take the piece of paper and make a deep hole at the root of your favourite tree. I invite you to plant this deep into the hole of your tree’s roots. Feel it sink in and cover it up with soil.

To end, place your hands in the soil and take 3 long deep breaths in and out. Feel the earth supporting you, feel the energy merge with your favourite tree. And when you are ready, release your hands and say short gratitude for nature in supporting your journey.

This is a space that you can return to through the next 6 months as you evolve and watch your tree change with the seasons.

I invite you to journal your experiences. After this ritual, you can write down the first page of your new Moon months journal. Explore how you feel and what you wrote in your paper.

Over the next 6 months of Autumn/Winter, you have a space to return to for reflection at any time. Return back to this tree often, observe how it changes with the seasons and how it too is shedding and then blossoms as Spring comes near towards the end of this period. Your journal can be your energy awareness tool for connecting to nature and your Self.


Try my Autumn Equinox kundalini meditation too!

In Kundalini yoga, we like to do the same meditation and kriya for 40 days. This is something you could try as a personal challenge – Don’t forget to journal and track your experiences.


A beautiful song for the deep release of Autumn/Winter

This is such a beautiful song that opens my heart every time. As we enter the portal of the Moon months ahead, we can feel how the energy is supporting us deeply. I love to listen to this song and chant it as I do my rituals and meditations at the end of Summer and the start of Autumn. Simple powerful lyrics that can be sued like a mantra and soul reminder.


If you want to dive in deeper into energy exercises and meditations, I invite you to try this online course. Perfect for any time of the Moon months of Autumn/Winter – It is especially powerful at the end of Summer and in the first weeks of Autumn. Enjoy! Find out more…


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