Awaken to the magic of the Moon Months, your inner Sun!

This is a time of diving in deeper into our internal Self, to nurture through the lower Chakras and to find ways to create healthy routines that help us tune in to thees very special seasons of transformation.

JOIN ME ON THIS 10 DAY ENERGY DETOX as I share what I love to do using journaling, Kundalini meditation, decluttering and more!

Set the energy tone with a beautiful intention!

Creating rituals and practical routines to use throughout this special time of the year – Every season brings new opportunities to explore our Self. For some, this time is challenging – For others, we embrace. We have our own unique connection to the seasons.

Especially if you struggle to enjoy this half of the year, I want to challenge you to look at this time in a new way!

Autumn and Winter is a portal door into our lower Chakras, to release old energy and to get clear on what seeds we want to work on.

This online course includes:

Slow things down, take your time! Although this is an intensive 10 day online course, you are invited to take as long as you need to in each stage. This is a self-study course with recorded material so there is no rush. You can return to the content at any time – This is part of enjoying the energy of Autumn/Winter!

✴︎ 5 Major energy topics to explore

✴︎ 10 Day energy journal exercises

✴︎ 10 Video and audio lectures on each topic

✴︎ Kundalini meditation video classes with each topic

✴︎ PDFs to download and use alongside your journal

✴︎ Holistic tools we use – Astrology, Kundalini yoga, Chakra system healing, Shadow Self clearing, goal setting for Autumn/Winter – and more!


LAUNCHED ON 20th September 2021

This workshop is now available at any time online!

No matter where you are in the world, if you are going through Autumn/Winter then this is a wonderful online course to enjoy! We have received some beautiful feedback and I intend to follow this up with a similar course for Spring/Summer 2022 too, so watch this space!

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