How To Level Up And Boost Your Energy As Empaths / HSPs

Energy Management for sensitive people is essential! Let me share some ways to keep our energy levels high and inspired…

Not my circus, not my monkeys!

I love this as a reminder affirmation – I say this every time something is going on where I can feel my Self being drained by other people’s energy, with negative situations that are nothing to do with me and where there are things in my external environment that I cannot control. Easier said than done but it usually reminds me to LET GO of my energy ties to it.

Healthy boundaries are an essential part of Self-love and respect for Self (and others) – As sensitive people, we naturally have the ability to really sense and feel in to what is going on. It is a beautiful part of who we are! Yet, it also means that we need healthy boundaries and Self-discipline in how we connect our energy to our world… We can choose what we want our energy and focus to be on. Having an affirmation or a strong signal to use is perfect when we feel our energy starting to be drained by people, situations, environments etc that we know are not good for us.

► Reflection Questions – What area in your life is draining you? How can you remind your Self to disconnect from this energy? Where can you release your control and responsibility for other’s people’s choices?

Master your Moon sign

The Moon is a powerful force in nature – Just like the Moon’s important effect on the tides on our Earth flow, it is also known in astrology to be the part of us that is related to our intimate inner world… especially our emotional Self. It is related to our healing, how we nurture our Self, our inner child/mother connection, what makes us feel safe in the world and our emotional foundation.

What is your Moon sign? Even if you know nothing about astrology, I always recommend sensitive souls to get a free natal chart online – Find out which sign and house your moon is in. For the meaning, you can do some simple research on Youtube or google to see what qualities (your sign) and what area of life (your house) is important for your healing. For example – My Moon is in Aries, in my 2nd house – this helps me connect the qualities of Aries with the life area of the 2nd house (Self-worth, resources, stability, money and finances, how I feel as a woman, nature, the feminine energy etc)

Astrology is a huge topic so this is a very simplified way of zooming into a small part of your chart – I love to use Astro Charts to get a simple and beautiful natal chart. There are many other websites if you do a search for a free astrology natal chart.

Home Place = Sacred Space

For empaths and highly sensitive people, home plays a huge part in how we recharge our energy levels. The word Home can mean so many things to different people – Our physical place of residence, our inner-Home space, our ancestral/cultural and spiritual Home. It is a mixture of all of these factors and more. This is why I love exploring what this word means on an individual level.

Reflection Questions – What does the word HOME mean to you? And how does it feel to you? Where do you feel at home in your life? How can you bring and explore more of that feeling into different areas of your life?

Our physical home space holds our energy – Whatever your living situation is at the moment, it’s the small things that create new energy in our life. I did a full post on this so check it out here…

Daily simple routines/rituals

We wake up, shower, brush our teeth, eat breakfast… and do all these small things throughout the day! But what small habits and routines/rituals do you do to nurture your own daily Self-care? If you have been reading my posts, you know how much I love talking about Self-care and how simple it can be.

To level up our energy, we may need to re-evaluate our daily routines. Maybe it is time to find new ways to do simple routines that bring more excitement. It could be that we need to try something new and creative, even when we already have our Self-care routines/rituals in place. Maybe we need to start doing new routines/rituals to aim for a new goal.

Sometimes self-care routines do get boring! Some people enjoy having the same routines/rituals – And some of us find that we can feel bored quickly and need something new to spark up passion in our Self-care life. Personally, I know that I get very restless if my Self-care habits stay the same for too long… I love to switch them around all the time. Whereas, my friend finds deep comfort in keeping the same rituals in place every day – he feels a sense and feeling of Home with it. This all depends on you and how you feel!

► Reflection Questions – Do you enjoy change or stability in your daily routines and Self-care rituals? Which rituals bring you a feeling of home and comfort?

Finding your tribe!

Levelling up our energy can often mean how we connect to the people around us – The people we call our closest friends and connections often have an influential role in our energy.

► Reflection Questions – Take a moment to think about who you connect to the most and why? What qualities do they have that you love and admire?

Sometimes, when we feel we need to level-up up our energy, we may also start to re-evaluate our connections. This usually happens when we are going through changes and transitions in our life. There may be a point in our life where our friendship circles naturally start to change – and it is not always easy to let go. However, if you are feeling this way… take that as a positive sign that this is an opportunity to explore and meet new people.

Final thoughts…

Today, I choose to… (Fill in the blank). As a creative activity, I challenge you to do 1 thing a day that is totally different. It can be the smallest thing like choosing a different tea to drink in the morning. For the next 2 weeks, try to think creatively about what you can do every day that is realistic and easy to do – but is different from the norm of your daily life. You can be as adventurous as you like! Just give it a go.

Track it through journal writing – Write down what you did each day, what you felt, and how your energy felt before/after it and if this is something you can see your Self continue trying this in future.


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