Moving Forward: Tips For Life Transitions

The Transition/Cross roads Point:

There is a cycle that occurs naturally when you are on a journey of Self growth…

  • Emotions: Up, down – In the middle somewhere – And working you’re way back up…
  • In the middle – or as I call it, the “transition stage”… or being at the crossroads.
  • Feeling restless and/or uninspired.
  • Knowing that there are things in your life right now that no longer “feel” right to you – or that you know you need to let go of.
  • Feeling as though you want to move forward, but maybe you’re not 100% sure in what direction.

Sound familiar? This spot can be a very challenging time.

This is a topic that comes up a lot with my clients… and this blog is primarily a space for me to post, share and explore topics that come up regularly – hopefully this might also help someone reading it out there too!

But the good news is:

  • Everyone who is dedicated to living their life in purpose and Self love will go through this stage at some point in their life, even a few times in their life!
  • It is a sign that you are growing… you are learning more about what you want in life and it’s telling you that now is the right time to get back to you…
  • It’s natural to feel uncomfortable/uneasy/challenged during these moments because you are now growing out of your comfort zone… that’s a good thing! You are getting ready to be/try/see/explore new things that will serve you on your Self journey 🙂

The transition space is time to really re-connect to your Self 🙂

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A few general tips that may help ease any stress through this stage:

Make space and time for you.

Allow your Self to give some space and time-out for you… it’s time to tune in to your thoughts. Even if it is just 5 minutes a day, it will help!

I’ve had a few people comment that it can feel really lonely… It may help to look at this in a different light – “You are not by your Self, you are taking time with your Self.”

What would you say to your best friend at this time? How supportive would you be to them? Many of us are guilty of being compassionate and loving to others in times of need but not as much to our own Self… Time out will help you have a positive conversation with YOU!


It’s easy to store all your emotions, thoughts and ideas inside… at this time, you will need to release these thoughts/feelings in order to explore them fully. I strongly suggest using writing as a brilliant healthy tool to get it all out in a safe and open way (it releases tension and blocked energy in your communication chakra).

Yoga is another easy and gentle way to release – getting you connected with your body and keeping you strong and grounded.

The emotional chakras may be working overtime and being drained… our energy system is like a sponge that reflects our state of being. The best way to balance these emotional chakras is through creativity – perhaps getting back to a creative activity that you loved – or starting one up. Creativity releases negative emotions and charges up our emotional energy centres!

Take care of your body.

It’s tempting to not do so… indulging in foods that aren’t healthy, alcohol etc. Your body needs to be strong at these times… it will keep you grounded (balancing out your lower chakras) and will keep your mind clear to process your thoughts and ideas. Eat as healthy as possible, exercise, keep your body grounded and physically strong!

Be honest with your Self and observe.

Really, what is working or not working for you right now?

What baby steps of action can you do to slowly improve one area/aspect of your life that you want to change?

Listen to your thoughts… and release any judgements on what you think is right or wrong about your thoughts. The more honest you are with your Self, the easier it is to see what needs to change. Observe any patterns that keep coming up.

To get started, this works well as part of your writing tool – write it all down! It may not make sense to begin with but reading back, it will help with reflection (free form writing is amazing!)

Get visualising!

This is a time where you may need to re-invent your Self… what I mean by this is that you may have to adjust/change the Self image you feel and show to the world, so that it speaks true to who you are – and who you are working towards. Visualisation meditations work as a perfect way to explore this – and it can be a lot of fun 🙂 It will help you feel more comfortable about your new Self image and the things you want to attract in your life.

Other people’s reactions to your change may surprise you.

I added this in recently because I wanted to stress one point that does happen – When there is a change or shift in your Self, the people around you will feel it – either in a conscious or subconscious way. Your energy will change. And this often forces other people to change – whether it is for their own Self or the way they see you.

As you change, your social role in your network of people around you can leave others at best being very supportive and at worst, not so understanding. They are facing the need to change their perceptions of your role in their lives. This can be a difficult thing to get to grips of, especially if it was unexpected.

Hang in there – the people closest you may react the strongest (in a good or bad way), but if you deeply know this change is good for you and will make you happy, stick to your path. In the long run, it will work its Self out and if you are happier, this will also benefit those closest to you i your life – and attract new people too 🙂

Get some professional guidance if needed.

There may be times when you know you need extra guidance to work through what it is you want to let go of or through Self and health issues that may be stopping you. This is a good time to get connected with a professional that you feel might help you – whether it’s a counsellor, complementary therapist, doctor… etc. There are many therapists out there and always consult your doctor for medical issues.

Most importantly – Be gentle with your Self!

There are no time limits in this stage. It will take as long as it needs to… take each day as it comes, baby steps, be gentle with your Self and in the long run trust that all the work you are putting towards your healing IS working.

To end on a positive note:

It’s called a transition stage for a reason – it will pass 🙂

One thought on “Moving Forward: Tips For Life Transitions

  1. Nice article, once more. Really relevant to my current stage in life !

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