Places We Love: Cafe Regatta ~ Helsinki, Finland

There are times when you randomly come across a cute little place that you are so glad you found. This cafe was one of them!

After walking all around Helsinki, shivering in the cold and in need of a hot drink – we spotted this cute cozy cottage across the waters. We had to take a peek and it was one of the friendliest spots we found in Helsinki to relax in… even the little birds outside were happy to join in the fun!

Yup, this week’s places we love post is for Cafe Regatta

We went in the colder season – but if you fancy some paddle fun in the water, they also run SUP – I hope to try this soon!

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I have a background in Psychology & Stress Management Counselling, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Energy Healing & Empath Energy Coaching. My love for holistic health started in the mid-'90s where I started exploring different topics on a personal level - And then I began working with clients in 2004 after studying. My professional practice started in London/UK where I worked in several clinics, as well as opening my own therapy centre on London Wall. I now live my life between London & Barcelona. For me, the world of holistic health and science is an on-going journey, it always inspires me!

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