Madrid Yoga: The Capital Of Yoga For A Day! On 1st June 2013

You may remember the iconic pictures of New York when everyone was gathered and doing yoga… remember this?

So, last weekend was the turn of a different location… a huge amount of people came together in central Madrid to celebrate yoga again! [Website]

My mother’s side are all from Madrid and it is always amazing going back to explore and check out the huge growth in popularity yoga and holistic health is becoming in Spain. This just confirms it for me, yay 🙂 (I will do a post on this soon, stay tuned!)

“Madrid will host an outdoor yoga class for more than 1,500 yoga enthusiasts  It will be the first, free outdoor yoga class of its kind ever held in the city where those who salute the sun or the dog will be able to do just that. The best part is that everyone is invited, from the most experience to beginners. The event will take place Saturday June 1st from 10:30 and it will last for an hour and a half. The first 500 to arrive will receive free yoga mats and the first 1,500 will get a free T-shirt. After the event those wish can get free Thai massages at the location.”

This would be a great Saturday activity, especially for those that are stressed due to finals, projects, or anything work related. And after you have cleansed your spirit and sent happy thoughts into the world you can walk over to any of the handful of bars in the area and enjoy a nice cold sangria or beer.”

…Read more about it here!

It looked like a beautiful day! I was there in spirit 🙂

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