Positive Projects: The What’s Underneath Project By StyleLikeU

StyleLikeU is a beautiful website that explores real people with enjoy creativity in their everyday life – and who extend this in their own personal style. There are many series of videos, showing interviews of women sharing what matters to them in their style – and in their life. I find this approach really refreshing, a break from the image that we are “supposed” to look like in the media. This is freedom of expression!

I love projects that enjoy looking at the topic of Self/Inner beauty – and StyleLikeU have The What’s Underneath Project – At first glance, it may look like a bunch of videos of different people from all walks of life, taking their clothing off… but if you tune in, you’ll see that these are the many layers that they are sharing too… People really get real about what they feel about their Self and what lies underneath all the “masks” that we tend to put up in our lives.

We have these stories to tell – What I find makes us beautiful as human beings is the way it all pieces together, the ability to be so open and genuine – and to put our Self out there in that space, even when it can feel really vulnerable.

All these women and men are amazingly Be-You-To-Full ♥

Watch the videos here

Have a look for your Self! And if you like it, share and pass it on 🙂

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