Winter Solstice 2014: The Only Way Forward Is Through It!

Woah, it’s that time again when the year is closing and I’m left wandering how the year has gone so quickly! I haven’t been as active on this blog as I have been working on many other things, hoping they will all come together. But this December 2014 has been amazing for reflection work…

I was at an Ashram in Portugal for a week with a beautiful Kundalini yoga community – I went alone and met some wonderful souls from all over the world. We had classes and discussions on the yogic lifestyle and daily Sadhana sessions to start the day – it was FULL on, from 5am (Sadhana) to 9pm (sleep time) in a communal setting – no space alone. So, it was a real balance of finding inner balance when the outward setting is designed to be about sharing and Seva.

During these moments, I realized how this year has been very hard work for everyone… we have all had to face some truths, in order to move forward. It has been a year of HARD work – not always easy! And this Winter, we are invited to explore our inner world further…

The key: The only way forward is to go right through it! Feel it.

We have all been guilty, at one time or another, of finding excuses/ways/distractions to avoid facing up to things… and even if we have been doing all the hard inner-work, there may be some lingering last minute ties that need to be recognized and felt.

The only way is to feel it, get into it, see what comes up and realize that the emotions that surface are the detoxing effects of things that are bubbling up to be released… they will pass, as all things do. We just need to allow (and trust) them to rise up first. It’s the only way.

The more we avoid it, the harder it is to bring awareness to it. And coming from a Kundalini yoga background, awareness is everything!

Listen to your body when it feels stress… bring awareness to it and nurture the parts that need attention. The same for your emotions and energy ties… bring awareness to what is coming up, allow it… meditate on it, do whatever it is (that is healthy and nurturing to you) to channel it out of your system.

2015: When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.

[5 Sutras Of The Age Of Aquarius]

We are going through some radical changes in this world – on ALL levels. And we will feel them most in our inner world, especially if we are empaths. As we move to 2015 and beyond, it will be another stepping stone forward.

Be bold, be loving, bring your inner lessons into everything you do 🙂 After all, Winter is the perfect time to find your inner light, when the darkness around us in nature is inviting us to do so!

Everything that comes up is a part of us, part of our journey… nurture it and allow it to be healed/loved/released/celebrated where needed ♥

“Winter is Not Cold” by Yogi Bhajan 

Winter is not cold. Not if you are bold. Come and experience spirituality. This is the period for planning your prosperity. You’ve been dealing with this surge. Now you need the courage To enter reality. Don’t miss it. Kiss it. It is a great opportunity. It is our family union and spiritual communion. Come you all, bring the children by. Bring them out of the cold and clouds To enjoy the sunny sky. I shall see you there. We’ll make it a beautiful family fair! Please come and bring the young ones. This is where the future begins. Let us meet heart to heart so the family can sing the glory of God. And experience ecstasy, reality, infinity, and future prosperity.


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