Alternative Barcelona: Pop-Up Flea Markets

As the weather is starting to warm up, I’m itching to get back to Barcelona – for both work and fun 🙂 A good opportunity to explore the thriving outdoor scene… popular events include pop-up flea markets/second-hand/vintage markets dotted around the city.

Long gone are the days when second-hand meant smelly dirt-stained clothing and cheesy shoes lol… These are now great spots to get a beautiful bargain, socialise and tune into some good music, while enjoying food/drink. Not bad! 🙂

Here are 3 growing collectives & events to visit:

Lost&Found Market

Lost&Found Market is a selling, buying and exchange market of second-hand objects where people can exchange articles, find items at great price, listen to music, be delighted by an assorted gastronomic offer and the most important of all things, participate in a different way of citizen interaction.

The project aims to establish a meeting point between citizens through a sample of clothes, art, toys, comics, music, books, computer products, etc. A place to give a second opportunity to those belongings that we deeply value but have lost their use, encouraging an alternative and sustainable way of purchasing material objects

Brick Lane BCN

Brick Lane is not only an East London location and market area – it seems this has extended out to Barcelona too. A smaller market than most – but it still offers some great beautiful bargains and a good vibe 🙂

My favourite pop-up flea market…

Flea Market Barcelona

This is a personal favourite to look-out for… the huge growing numbers of fans are a reflection of how this once small event has turned into a much bigger, brighter affair. The interview below is with one of the founders who explains the journey…

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