10 Reasons Why London Is The Yoga Capital Of Europe

After 10 years of enjoying yoga in the capital, I honestly feel that London is THE perfect place to start-up, enjoy and create your yoga journey! If I had to compare it to other cities in Europe, the yoga scene in London is exploding! Don’t get me wrong, other cities like Barcelona also are amazing – but here are my 10 reasons for why London remains at the top 🙂

1. No matter where you live in London, you will find a yoga class just around the corner from you.

The ease of finding a yoga studio or a gym that offers yoga classes is what I love most about London. No matter what area of London I lived in over the last 10 years, I was spoilt for choice as to which studio to visit.

2. Top international yoga teachers will always come to host a workshop or class in London.

This is always guaranteed… I know yogis who will travel from all over the UK and Europe (and far beyond) to come and see their favourite international yoga teacher right here in London town. There are some amazing schools that host international teachers too, like Yoga Campus.

3. New yoga centres and schools are popping up all the time.

This is especially true over the last 5 years – within my area in East London, I can count 5 new studios that have opened in the last year! It seems yoga has become a popular business and yoga teachers are out there actively promoting this beautiful way of life!

4. London has some of the world’s top international yoga schools.

If you’re inspired to become a yoga teacher, London will provide you with some amazing schools, with some great international teachers.

5. Londoners, from all walks of life, love doing yoga and meditation!

People make the experience… and London is known for being one of the most multicultural places in Europe and the world… it’s a great melting pot of people from all walks of life! And classes show a nice mix which reflects this.

6. In Summer (when the weather does actually heat up a little), you will always find an outdoor yoga session going on.

Walk through Hyde Park or any big park in London and you’re very likely to stuble across an outdoor yoga event or class. Londoners know that sunny hot days are precious so we make the most of it 🙂

7. Random acts of yoga in public places (like the tube) is just another part of balancing city life lol!

I say this with a smile because I am a huge fan of flash-mobs… opportunities to get out there and meet with like-minded people to do yoga and meditation in public spots. Beautiful organisations like Wake Up London! have some regular events like this.

8. London hosts some of the best international yoga festivals in the world!

Yup, I have to say this is so true! London has a whole life of its own when it comes to the whole mind/body/spirit/yoga scene and people from all over Europe (and further) come to showcase their work or to surround their Self with good quality classes and workshops.

9. Finding, creating or hosting yoga jobs, classes and workshops is so easy to set up.

OK, so starting any business can take time and effort to get things going – but as mentioned before, with the number of studios and people interested in this – plus the amount of studios that do hire out their rooms for teachers… this makes an excellent environment to begin attracting new clients to your classes.

10. The London yoga community is huge and ever-growing.

… And I can’t see it ever stopping, it just gets better! 🙂

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