Alternative London: Top 5 Street Art Festivals

I have been living in the East-end of London for most of my journey over the last years when making London home… and it is absolutely part of everyday life to see new street art popping up everywhere! Over the years, I’ve come to enjoy these surprises 🙂

For art lovers, this is a good time to connect with the London art community and see what everyone has been working on all year around!

Here are my top 5 festivals & places to explore London’s street art scene: 

Street Feast Night Market

Take some time to enjoy your food in a beautiful space of creativity and positive energy. This spot is guaranteed to be a great alternative night-out, where you can catch up with friends or explore it solo. It also offers some of the most exciting upcoming flavours of London town 🙂

London Urban Art Fair

Take stroll down the streets of Brixton, where artists are at work – sharing and enjoying the usual sunny vibes (even when the weather is not always guaranteed to be this way too!).

Street Fest

Loving all things urban? Well, this space offers a mix of art, dance, skateboarding, clothing and more! Watch artists at work during the day and tune into some great music as the sun sets over East london.

WhiteCross Street Party

This is my favourite for family street art festivities… it’s playful and children usually love the random art/ists dotted around the street!

Hackney Wicked

We return back to another East-end favourite – It’s no secret… Hackney is one of THE most creative zones in Europe – Hackney Wick has more artists per capita than anywhere else in the world with 624 Studios in Hackney Wick; 1 in 7 people is either an artist or arts centre practitioners (Survey by MUF Architects, 2009). It makes complete sense to have a festival right here 🙂

Have you been to any of these events? If yes, what did you think? And do you have any similar festivals in your city/town? Please share 🙂

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