Yoga Travel Tips: Forget Your Mat, Try Yoga Paws!

My review on a yoga product I love…

When I travel, I like to keep my bag super light… the thought of dragging weight around puts me off… The only thing I like to travel with is a small cabin bag – No fuss, no stress… and I minimise my time in the airport too (a place that stresses me out a lot!).

The thing is, I like to do yoga while I am away too but taking up all my space with a yoga mat is no longer an option – even travel yoga mats can be bulky and take up too much room when they fold.

672284197_oWhat I have found over the last few years is that I could not live without my Yoga Paws… “The yoga mat you wear”. It is truly taking yoga to another level, anywhere and anytime.

My travel tip for today is to try alternatives to using a mat for your yoga when you travel and when you are on the go 🙂 Here are my personal reasons for loving this product…

Reason 1: It lasts longer than other yoga grip products

I have tried a few different options but this one works best for me – for example: I have bought grip socks in the past, the ones with little grip points at the base but they soon either fell off after washing them or the actual sock ended up looking like… well, an old sock lol! 🙂

I have had the same yoga paws product for 3 years now – the base does not seem to get worn out, the material is easy to clean and I found it dries quickly too! A good investment 🙂

Reason 2: It takes up no space in my bag

It is so easy to carry as it takes up no room, especially if you remove the packaging (it becomes quite  flat). Light and easy to carry, perfect!

Reason 3: It can be used off or on the mat

They add extra grip to a regular yoga mat and for some reason, they keep me focused on my alignment too.

When I do my yoga while travelling, like in the hotel, I like to fold a towel on the floor (this can be a hotel towel so you don’t need to bring your own, less baggage space again). I find it does still have grip on the towel – but most of the time, I will use the surrounding floor for my hand/feet positioning… the towel is just there for positions where my head or upper body is on the floor.

The same can be said for outdoor and natural environments – the grip is good – it’s easy to walk with them barefoot while out in the park and it does allow me to have spontaneous moments of yoga 🙂

Yes, one of my favourite yoga travel accessories to have on me all the time!

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