Alternative Berlin: Free Street Art Tours

I am planning to do my first solo trip to Berlin very soon – and it took me back to my first visit to this city a few years ago 🙂

For that trip and in my search to find free/budget things to do in Berlin, I accidentally stepped into the Alternative Berlin website. And happy for this too as I love Street art and exploring alternative culture 🙂 Walking tours around the city are also one of the best ways of seeing the city properly in a short space of time. It was a special trip to share with my cousin – our annual get-together trip to catch-up on the year’s event and have fun 🙂

It’s no secret that Berlin is a hot spot for all things creative and alternative… this city reminded me of some parts of London, particularly like Shoreditch in East London – a mix of beautiful traditional buildings with random creativity – all set in a gritty backdrop of grey skies and concrete.

On the day, we made it to central Berlin at Alexanderplatz for the meet-up point and looked out for any groups forming… there seemed to be a mixed group forming around 3 people who all spoke English… so I came closer and asked if this was the Street Art Tour meeting point – We were greeted by a friendly Aussie smile and hello 🙂 When enough people formed, we were split into smaller groups and we had the Australian guy as our tour guide for the day.

We spent the whole afternoon on foot, walking around Berlin, chatting and finding out more about this city. Very relaxed atmosphere. The group was also a mixed bag of people… consisting of a young family (couple with their zen-like cute toddler!) and 3 other people of various ages. We also had the chance to explore the famous Kunsthaus Tacheles… a maze of stairs, art, sculptures, (dodgy smells lol!) and people taking pictures. Although this tour is free, donations are welcome and we thanked our tour guide with a drink and 10 Euros to end the day.

Here are some more pictures from my tour – I highly recommend spending the day out and enjoying the alternative side to Berlin 🙂