Positive Films: Yoga Town Series! Episode 1

I am LOVING all of these online shows/series that are popping up… And what perfect timing too! In my area alone, I have counted 5 new yoga studios that have opened up in the last 3 years… and I have also heard of many sadly shutting down within the first 2 years of opening… Yoga has become a business pathway in many ways and it’s interesting to hear stories from those who own their own centres. It was only a matter of time before a comedy was made about it 🙂

YOGA TOWN (see website) is a mockumentary comedy about small group of employees challenged in many ways to run their financially struggling yoga studio.  Willow, owner of Yoga Town, relies on her staff, made up of her angst ridden teenage daughter, Amber, and her sensitive, star instructor, Chas, to create an environment of ‘real yoga for real people’.  Unfortunately, Karma isn’t paying the bills.   When a mobile yoga company ‘Go Yoga’ parks in front of their studio, the ante is raised.  Willow, is forced to go to battle with Elijah, the Pied Piper of Yoga.  Everything she can do, he seems to do ‘better’.  He even seems to be able to connect to her daughter, Amber, with greater ease which gives Willow great dis-ease. Despite her efforts,  she grows to hate ‘the fat man’.

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