Reflections For Equinox: Hello Autumn 2012!

Happy Autumn everyone! I’m SO looking forward to this weekend’s Autumn Equinox workshops. Here are some notes that I have made and I wanted to share the main topics! 🙂

“Building a strong foundation”

Autumn 2012: Moving from the Sun months to the Moon months

The Root+Sacral+Solar plexus+Heart chakras are all active and alive right now… watch the leaves and nature slowly turn into these colours of deep greens/yellows/oranges/reds…

Some of you will find this time of the year a challenge – for example: those who suffer with Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This is usually because people who feel this are more likely to be more active in their chakras 4-7, whereas in the Autumn and Winter, our energy shifts and changes towards chakras 1-4. So, there is a big change that we need to all transition and flow in… the key is to FOCUS on the season’s lessons and work with them…

In Autumn, we’re shifting our energy towards buildings deeper connections/ relationships (energy cords), trust and grounding our trust in Self/others/Universe/The Divine… And LETTING GO of energy cords and attachments in our life that no longer serve us.

More reflections to work on: Focusing our energy on the bigger picture… Creating new projects and daily rituals that we can use to work on reflections and our positive impact in the world… Draw on your CREATIVITY! HARVEST the good lessons of this year so far and use them for the rest of the year 🙂

This season is about FEELINGS and RELATIONSHIPS (in every sense of the word, not jut romantic)… The colder seasons ask us to generate warmth and strong emotions from within… Darkness and longer nights are nature’s way of telling us to reflect, go deep within and explore with total honesty and an open mind… What will you find?   🙂

Q’s for reflection:

  • How are your connections and relationships right now – to everything and your Self?
  • What lessons can you draw from this year so far?
  • What are your instincts telling you to let go of in order to go deeper in your Self journey?
  • What projects can you now work on to extend your lessons and explore your creativity?
  • Dare to visualise what you would like to manifest in your material world (jobs, home etc)!

Things you can do to welcome a new season:

  • Go on a green raw juice fast for a day or two to flush out all the toxins in your body.
  • Spend more time with your Self routines (yoga, meditation etc) to create a new intention and blessing for the season.
  • Wear some of the colours of the season (red/orange/yellow/greens) or crystals that connect to the root, sacral, solar and heart chakras.

Tell us what you think here!

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