The Holistic Industry – It Needs A Clean-Up!

The spiritual, Self Help, holistic and yoga scene is growing as huge industry now… there are so many options out there to explore! But I felt I needed to share this video as this is a topic that is dear to me…

[Warning: mini rant ahead!]

It reminded me of a situation a few years ago with a huge name in the industry (will keep their name out of it right now) who were pretty much pressurising people to sign-up/pay-up after the intro talk and when I spoke to the speaker (my friend at the time was already a member and knew her), she was quick to put us (me and a few others who were asking Q’s) down if we didn’t. She was using tactics along the lines of “You’re missing out…”, “Do you not take actions in you life?!”, “This is a sign that you don’t dream big enough and don’t want anything good for you…”… all of which left a big lump in my throat. I was furious how she was judging us and making negative assumptions of how we lead our lives just because we were asking a few questions before getting into anything that would cost a lot of money and would need a huge investment of time to complete!

In  short, she made us feel stupid and as if we didn’t have a clue about anything – can you tell I’m fuming now as I write this lol?!? Maybe their intentions were great, maybe even the course was a life-changer BUT as for their methods of recruiting and my experiences… SO not cool lol!

[OK, rant over… phew! Breathe deeply lol]

Moral of the story: ALWAYS trust what is right for you… if you feel pressurised or pushed to go along with anything – or any red signals come up, listen to what your gut is telling you!

This video is brilliant  🙂

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