Positive Films: Raising Resistance

There was recent screening in London of this film. Have you ever thought about the issues surrounding Soy products? 

As always Doc House brings out another amazing film that make us stop and think about issues in our life that affect us, the environment, others and provides plenty of food for thought! A conscious look at our world today. Please support and check them out!

This is a documentary on rural farmers in Paraguay that have been marginalized by GM soy production. But now, as crops are poisoned and forests decimated, local farmer Geronimo begins the revolt!

Green Screen Competition IDFA 2011 / Prix SRG SSR – Best Film – Visions Du Reel 2011

REPUBLIC OF SOYA (Luca Lucarini & Jamie King / USA-UK / 2011 / 34’) uncovers the new model of power that is taking hold of South America. Argentina has been at the helm of GM Soy production since the late 1990’s. Dubbed the new form of Western colonialism, Republic of Soya gets to the core of this destructive Agro-colonisation.

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