Let’s Talk Age! By Taylor Wells

I’m in my thirties – I still feel like I haven’t yet grown up lol… seriously! That’s the truth right there.

Sure, I have loads more responsibilities than I used to – My choices may be different too as I learn more about what I want in life – I’m also very grateful for the many (often hard) lessons/experiences that I have learned, due to age and time passing by – And I may not look the same as when I was 21.

But every time I do consciously say to my Self “OK, I need to grow up now”, there is a huge resistance to it – like “being all grown up” is about no longer growing or not feeling like you need to grow/learn more… does that make any sense lol?! And as we all know, there is always SO much to learn every day! To me, saying that I “feel grown” is like saying I now retire my desire, curiosity and will to live a life that explores everything.

I know everyone will have their own take on what getting older means to them – this was my observation of what I felt about where I am. And who knows, that might change one day too!

The main thing I do strongly believe is that health is your wealth – you might have an active mind, but if your body can’t keep up, ageing can make for a tougher ride  🙂

So, can we ever truly grow up? Does age even matter when you feel alive/evolving?  

Click the image to watch this delightful video 🙂

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