Ego Is A Sneaky Character!

Meet my ego lol…

This little character was introduced to me in a very unconventional-creative meditation with a friend who wanted me to create a silly character for my ego, so I could add humour and spot the little nightmare when he came around lol!

So, here he is… I have a much funnier (super sillier) version in my head lol, but this is the safe one to post lol!

My ego’s character likes to dictate my thoughts that start with…

  • “I am not good enough to….”
  • “I will fail if…”
  • “I can’t…”
  • “I will look silly if…”
  • “What will other people think of me if…”
  • … And more negative statements that holds true Self back!
And it actually works when I do get these ego based thoughts lol… the joker bells ring loud and I smile  🙂 It has become so easy to spot my ego when it sneaks up between the thoughts of my daily mind chatter! It also comes up when I know I am becoming too attached to thoughts that no longer serve my Self and need to be released. On a serious note, this can be a really easy tool to use for growing your own awareness in how your thought patterns work! So, why not try it for your Self! Create a character in your mind that you feel represents your ego character… Be as silly and creative as you like – no one needs to know about it lol and it taps into your creative visual Self. Also, practice being aware of your thoughts and if ego does slip a negative one in, visualise this character. Soon enough, it gets easy to spot it and laugh it off 🙂

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