Meditations: Celebrate Your Ancestors!

Take a moment to marvel at this thought:

You are unique. Reflect on that sentence – Isn’t that such a wonderful thought?

As unique individuals, we have the power to contribute to the world and Universe/You-In-Verse in a special way – with our own experiences and inner influences…

As unique individuals, YOU are a product of thousand of years of people before you, who strived and lived, evolved and grew and passed their DNA forward until you came along. And inside of you, in every single cell, your DNA is evidence of this beautiful energy. How incredible is that?!

Surely, if it affects our physical/emotional/health traits of who we are now – it must also be a huge part of our spirit/soul level?

Encoded in our DNA and body, we are each a walking manifestation of our ancestors and who they were. They are alive (in energy and within you).

I always get inspired by my clients and our chats. My topic focus with recent clients seems to be very much on guidance and the ancestors or past life regression. And I am slowly re-opening up this information – so interesting! And in so many cultures, this is celebrated in one way or the other. It was also amazing to see that this was present in my healing sessions – as an observation from my clients about me and also from the visualisations my clients had during the healing. Amazing!

I also feel that this may be a reason why we are drawn to certain things/choices in our life – like cultures that we may think we have no family connection to – but still draw us close. Or life paths that may seem far from our very own nuclear family upbringing. I often ask my Self: How much of us comes from soul genetics? A topic I’m still looking into and enjoying 🙂

By appreciating our ancestors, we also acknowledge that at some point we are all very connected too!

3 Ancestral Healing Meditations To Try 🙂

There are many ways to tap into our ancestral spiritual energy and bring it into our daily lives. Please remember that each meditation is about inner trust. In order to make the most of each meditation, trust that what your soul and mind brings forth is for a good reason and with good intention, even when it might not reveal an instant seemingly positive effect. There are always reasons for negative images and inner negative emotions that arise – the positive message is always hidden within them.

There is no time limit to each step – just go with the flow until you are ready to move forward to the next stage.

If you are new to experimenting with ancestral energy, you may find it easier to start focusing on a relative that has inspired you and use their energy – This person could be anyone who is alive or not within this lifetime, example: your grandparents, uncles etc.

All these meditations can be achieved with your eyes closed or open – in whichever method you feel comfortable with.

Meditation 1: Ancestral Soul Blossom

This first meditation is a beautiful way to begin any meditation. It can be used as a grounding mechanism or as a start to any other meditations that will follow.

Begin by sitting upright – either cross-legged or in a chair with your feet squarely touching the ground. Your spine should be upright and straight in either position.

Begin to focus on your breathing – follow its pattern as it enters and releases the breath of life into your body and the room. Stay in this stage until you are focused on your natural rhythm.

Begin to visualise that each breath entering will release its Self into the Universe – reaching further and further outwards. Start off by seeing your breath released into the immediate room that you are in, filling it with your energy.

Slowly work your visualisation so that it now spreads to unknown infinite time and universe. You may use images of the world and moon to help you with this visualisation.

Now feel your energy and power for what it is – how your emotions and energy is flowing through your body, through your veins, in your blood and in your mind. Imagine this energy being circulated in a steady flow around your body and always passing through your heart. Let any negativity or stress be dissolved in this flow as your heart centre slowly cleanses the flow further. Remain in this stage until you start to feel that any negativity has now been dissolved and you are feeling divine and relaxed.

Now imagine that this flow begins to charge you with ancestral energy. Our ancestors are encoded deep within our structure and flow through our veins, so imagine that this flow is now focused into ancestral energy – getting stronger and stronger as it flows around you. Enjoy the sensations of this stage and you may use it to reflect further.

Begin to see a beautiful flower being born from your heart as a bud – while still focusing on the ancestral flow around your body, begin to see this flower opening and growing further with the flow that centres through your heart.

This flower grows further until its petals are in full blossom and you find that you are now in the middle of the ancestral energy flower, surrounded by huge petals of love energy.

These petals are made of images and emotions. Take the time to visualise each petal around you and feel its unique pre-Essence. This stage is often a very revealing moment, when images become clear and emotions awaken with ancestral energy.

When you are ready to end this meditation, thank your ancestors and begin to imagine this flower being stored within you, safe and powerful.

Meditation 2: The Guidance Path

This meditation is ideal in times when you are deciding on what path or journey you would like to embark on. There will be times in everyone’s life when there are many options that may all seem appealing to us at first. This meditation will use ancestral energy to fine tune which journey path is right for you.

Begin by sitting with your spine straight.

Begin to focus on the base of your spine where your root chakra lies. . With each breath, imagine that the energy from the breath of life is being directed towards this chakra and building its strength.

As the root chakra becomes stronger, visualise a red platform form underneath you, growing as a solid foundation of energy and foundation.

When the brightly illuminating red foundation is strong enough, ask the ancestors to bless this foundation platform to which you will begin your journey in choosing your new path.

Feel the base of your spine being energised by this ancestral energy that now floods through it and the foundation beneath you.

Watch as the new paths of your choices start to form from this platform – each decision is an individual branch, growing forward in front of you in different directions.

Take a moment with each branch and feel how this choice will affect you emotionally and spiritually. Ask your ancestors to reveal thoughts and images on each branch. Trust your feelings and what comes up.

After you have spent some time with each branch, ground your focus back to your root chakra at the base of your spine.

Ask your ancestors to direct you to which branch felt the most attractive.

This might take a few sessions to do before the choice is made so don’t rush the process. Just trust your ancestors to guide you.

After the meditation, thank your ancestors.

Meditation 3: Release

It is important to be aware of spiritual and energy baggage that we carry. We need to release it before we can continue to grow into full blossom.

Over our lifetime, we might find our Self accumulating baggage. There is also a possibility that emotional and negative baggage may come from our ancestor’s pain and past negatives. It is time to be free from it and reveal the positive outcome/purpose to the negativity.

Begin in a seated position, with your spine straight. Start to focus on your aura.

Ask your ancestors to step in when you are in need of guidance.

Watch how your energy is being spread around you – like a moving bubble. Ask your ancestors to reveal any attachments that your aura holds. This may show up in the form of images, memories or past life manifestations. Strong influences may come from something that you consciously know from past pain in your family or hurt within situations that involve your family and you.

Watch how your aura reacts to each attachment – from past and present lifetimes. Ask the ancestors to reveal the positive lessons.

Watch as each attachment becomes a bubble outside your aura and attached to you by an energy cord.

When you are ready, slowly begin to visualise your energy cords from your aura into this negativity bubble being dissolved. The cord between your aura and the negativity is slowly being released from you. Cut the ties gently and slowly and watch how your energy aura changes. This is a good time to subconsciously talk with your ancestors and ask that they too release the pain and negatives that held them.

Do you start to feel less drained?

When you are ready to end your meditation, give thanks to your ancestors for being spiritual guides.

The process of working with ancestral healing is a lifetime lesson. These are 3 meditations that can be used regularly to help you work through your own journey.

Celebrate your ancestors! 🙂

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  1. wonderful and informative. thank you. i am looking forward to trying the meditations

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