Mellow Music Mondays: Peace Sounds Album


Thanks to the wonderful people at Wake Up London who posted this up, I bought the digital album of this beautiful music (also available soon as a CD)! My new favourite yoga music, I have it on the background all the time now! Perfect for those days when you just feel like tuning in and breathing deeply. Lets get Spring started with some positive energy…

All levels of gorgeousness here lol 🙂

To order: See the album website here

More info:

Pre orders of Peace Sounds Album CD/Pins and Postcard packs from today
Peace Sounds the album on CD
A musical gift/copy for your collection
In sustainable FCS card sleeve designed by our Green friends at eco-production company Breed Media
£9 (covers making and postage/packing and a Peace Sounds postcard)

Also available Peace Sounds Pins and postcard packs

Shipping from April 2nd

Listen 🙂

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