Urban Zen Tip #5: Time To Get Walking!

The first week of Spring has kicked off with a glorious couple of days of sunshine… what a way to start! Did you enjoy it? 🙂

The Website (click logo to enter)

It is during these hotter months that I like to start walking again, from home to the office and anywhere else I can! And thanks to this website and mobile app, it’s so easy to navigate, plan and ask for walking routines around town.

If you’re also aiming to add walking as part of a fitness routine and want to calculate the calories you’ll burn, the distance and the essential details of your routine, this is free – or if you want an advanced log of your activity and saving your progress, it’s a small price per year to get started (click here).

London looks beautiful during the Spring/Summer – I can’t wait to get back out there!

This website is also available for other cities in the UK too so wherever you are in the UK – get walking, no excuses lol  🙂

Why walk?

The health benefits are fab (read about this and the how to get started), it’s easy to add in your daily schedule, it opens up your awareness of the beautiful city/town/area you live in and brings out a sense of exploration as you get out of the normal daily routine and plan different routes.

OK – So are you ready for a challenge to get you started?

 To get started…

• Invest in a good quality pedometer that will count your steps from the time you wake to the time you go to bed. Try this for a normal day and see how many steps you take on average.

• Buy a journal to log your daily steps and activities will keep you tracking your progress. You’ll be surprised how many steps your normal day already takes up which is always a positive thing to see!

• Think about your foot wear! Your feet are important, treat them nicely lol… get the right shoes, like comfy trainers, to get you going in style. If you’re planning on walking to work, you can always slip on your heels just before you get in.

• Carry water with you, especially when the heat is on and the Summer hits!

Next – The 10,000 steps/day challenge!

The NHS has a great 10,000 steps/day challenge to get you thinking about where you can add some extra steps in! Be inspired and get the full details of this challenge here. It sounds like a lot of hard work and walking, but I soon realised that it was the small things that added up – like walking from the nearest tune to home or taking the stairs instead. Start off small and simple and grow.

In no time, you’ll see how walking can be a fun and healthy way to keep fit.

Happy walking 🙂

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