Energy Healing: Cord Cutting Meditation

Have you ever had that experience when you are thinking about someone close to you and then at that moment, the person you were thinking of calls you?

Or when you are in a good place, where you’re “on a roll” with things – everything is naturally flowing in your direction…. as if things turn up right on time when you need it?

This is very much related to our energy cords to the Universe that causes actions/reactions and law of attraction. When we have healthy cords, everything flows easily.

When we are connected strongly to our Self, to people or to certain habits, we create a cord in our chakras that links us directly to this. You can imagine this s being a long cord of light which we hold in our emotional chakras and core. Over time, these may build and we have many cords attached to many people/places/habits/etc. Think of it like having energy tentacles from your core and spreading all around you.

Healthy cords are great because they help you keep connected to what serves you for your Higher Self and love… but then, there are times when you need to let these cords go… these unhealthy cords can drain you emotionally, spiritually and even physically.

When is a good time to start cutting your cord connection?

  • When you have ended a relationship or friendship that no longer feels right or was harmful to you
  • When you are moving away from a house or place
  • When you want to let go of a habit or pattern that is negative for your Self journey
  • When someone close to you has passed away and you want to gently set them free in love and light

Energy flows where your focus goes, so this meditation  is fantastic for cutting your energy flow in a loving way – from your part.

Remember – If it is another person you are cutting the cords with: You cannot control the other person’s cords to you – all you have control over is your energy cords/actions/reactions and how much energy you give out. You are your own responsibility. With this meditation, you can explore the cords you have and your role. In time, the other person will feel that you have cut these cords. Trust the process and take your own Self actions first, the rest will follow when the time right 🙂

Cord Cutting Meditation:

Visualise yourself in a favourite place that you also associate as a very safe and healing place. It may be an actual place or an imaginary one but what is of utmost importance is that you see it as a safe place.

Once in your safe place, see yourself surrounded by a ball of pure white light. This ball of spiritual energy will both protect you and energise your efforts at cutting the cords of attachments to those individuals, places or patterns you wish to cut from. You can call in your guides if you use them. When you are ready, call forth the individual/place/pattern that you wish to cut the negative cords of attachments from.

Once you visualise the individual/attachments standing in front of you, look down and see the cord that exists between you. The cord will be attached from naval to navel and is usually dark and thick, although there can be variations on the theme. It is important to realise that you are only cutting the cords of attachment that detract or cause conflict in the relationship, not the positive ties of love and respect that exist between the individuals involved.

Next, look the person in the eye and in a Voice of Power speak the unspeakable to the person that you are doing the cord cutting with. This means that you say anything and everything that you need to say in order to clear the slate and release all pent-up energies and emotions that you have been holding inside but have been unable to express for one reason or another. It is important that you speak in a Voice of Power and Command, even if you could never do so with the person in real life. Remember, you are in a safe place and are protected by the Light of Spirit.

Once you have spoken the unspeakable and there is nothing more that you wish to say, you can choose to hear the response of the other person. However, this is your choice and if you choose not to hear the other person this is perfectly alright. If you do choose to be open to a response you will only receive the inner truth of that person/soul, not the responses that you might normally expect from the person. Remember, you are not dealing with the real person but their spirit representation. They will speak only the truth to you if you are willing and able to engage. Once this stage has been completed it is time to move on to the cord cutting itself.

For this, visualise a crystal knife available to you. Take it in whichever hand feels most comfortable. Speak your intent to cut the negative cord of attachment that exists between you and the individual. Holding the cord with your free hand, bring the crystal knife blade down to the cord. Hold the knife next to the body and when ready, cut down and through the cord. If you wish you can say: “I cut this cord of attachment with you”.

Once you have cut the cord on your side you can offer the crystal knife to the other person so that they can cut the cord on their side. The individual may or may not choose to do so. If they do, watch the cord fall to the ground where it is transformed into hundreds of beautiful butterflies which flutter away.

Once the cord has been cut, thank the individual and then send them on their way. If the individual does not choose to cut their side of the cord, wrap the cord around the individual and then banish them from your space. Again, use a Voice of Power to send them on their way.

You are now free to leave the space and end the meditation, or to repeat the procedure with someone else that you wish to cut cords with. You can do this exercise of release as often as you want with any individual you wish to clean up a relationship/friendship with. It is important to remember that this procedure only releases the negative attachments that drain, cripple and harm us in some way and not the positive, loving aspects of relationship.

Also if you feel the need to re-cut any cords that have become re-attached for whatever reason, you can do so at your leisure.


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