Inner-Views: Maya Fiennes – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Anyone who ever asks me about yoga will know how much of a kundalini yoga fan I am! I personally use it regularly and it helps me with my therapy work and being grounded – and it also helps in guiding us on how our energy system works. This is an empowering tool if you want to keep your energy flowing freely, alive and balanced, kundalini yoga is the way to go in my opinion 🙂

Maya Fiennes is an amazing teacher – she is regularlry spotted in London events and yoga centres and has a huge range of products on kundalini yoga – from her books, CDs, DVds etc. Visit her website here

Enjoy and be inspired 🙂

2 thoughts on “Inner-Views: Maya Fiennes – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

  1. I have tried many Kundalini yoga DVD’s, but Mya is working on me like nothing I ever tried. I started of with courage, but its Truth is what i need because of my extreme blockages in my neck, throat and face. Then I tested creativity because my inability to manifest anything. Im doing creativity because of its relationship with the 6th chakra. I will eventually go back to courage because of its foundation of kundalini. I needed to experiment to see which chakras are extremely blocked. Mya’s DVD’s will let you know whats needed. I found my yoga teacher now, she’s working great for me in a short period of time, I like her aproach. Im blessed to have found her.

    1. Thanks for sharing, she sure is an amazing teacher 🙂 🙂

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