Winter Solstice (21st Dec. 2011): Ideas To Celebrate!

The Sun is reborn at the Winter Solstice. The 21st December is the day with the shortest daylight hours. From here on in, the daylight hours lengthen, the light returns to the world. This is the origin of Christmas where the Sun is born to save the world from darkness. It is also the origin of Easter as the Sun ‘dies’ on the cross (southern cross constellation) to resurrect 3 days later.

The Sun passes from Sagittarius to Capricorn at this time, close to the Galactic Centre (26 degrees Sagittarius) which is a black hole in the middle of the Milky Way and at the centre of our Galaxy. It is the heart of our Universe. Pausing at the solstices as the earth itself hangs in the balance, this day was one of reflection and forgiveness.

Before the arrival of the New moon on 24 December, we are well advised to slow down, make amends, meditate and breathe deeply. Atonement means At-one-ment or being of one mind. Connect deeply to the Universal Heart. All is one!

Here are some ways that you can celebrate this beautiful day:

  • A day for meditation and reflection work – a good time to write out what you are grateful for, your achievements this year, focus on what it is you love and makes you feel good. If it wasn’t such a good year, write down and focus on the positive lessons that you got from it (Q’s: What did you learn about your Self? What do you need to let go of? What patterns keep arising?). The guided meditation above is amazing 🙂
  • Juice fast – this is a popular fasting time, juicing fresh raw fruits and vegetables all day to keep you hydrated, energised and strong.
  • Avoid low energy foods – For example: Avoid sugary foods, caffeine, alcohol etc. This day is for being healthy and nourishing your energy, body and mind!
  • Energy cleansing your home – Burn sage (especially at the corners of rooms where old stagnant or negative energy collects), burn essential oils (peppermint and lemongrass are great! Choose one that you enjoy).
  • Be still, rest and sleepthis is a good meditation I posted of a sleep meditation.
  • Be around positive people – If you would rather spent time with others, choose positive people to share this day with! It’s not a day to argue, feel drained or hurt. This day’s energy is extra sensitive… It’s a day to focus on being positive 🙂
  • Freeform dancing – Music is a healer. Choose songs that “speak” to you. Take a moment to feel free and express through your body how you connect with it.
  • Get back to your yoga today – This will help your mind-body connect fully! And it will keep you grounded, especially if you are feeling extra sensitive!
  • Focus on breathing deeply – Whatever it is you choose to do on this day, return to your breath. Feel its pattern, breathe deeply, take a moment to feel life force energy inhale/exhale through your body.
  • Even if you have other things to do on this day (being at work etc), it’s the positive focus that counts! Of course, not everyone will have this mid-week day completely free so it’s good to bear in mind that even if you are super busy doing other non-related tasks, take a few minutes regularly to focus on a positive affirmation (click here to find out more about this) – for example: “I AM open to the Universe’s loving energy and what it has to offer”… Choose an affirmation that will keep you open to this day’s energy. That’s the most important point, so your own energy system is receiving – even when everything around you is doing their own thing 🙂

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! 🙂

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