Becoming A Yoga Teacher: 5 Reasons Why Empaths Make Great Yoga Teachers & Therapists

I always get questions about what it is like to be a yoga teacher and/or a holistic therapist. Over the years, I have also worked with clients and students who went on to become great yoga teachers and therapists too. These are just some of my observations…

There are many reasons why people want to embark on this journey. One of the things I love most about working in this expanding field is connection. Connecting to my clients and students and to all the inspiring therapists/teachers that I feel blessed to have crossed paths with. Each person has a unique tale about why they chose to begin their holistic health journey.

For some reason, the clients and students I have attracted over the years have been empaths. Consciously or subconsciously, most of them are interested in this topic (which is why I began this blog!). This has really inspired me.

I offer these reasons simply as reflections from my own experiences. Maybe some people may disagree (and that’s OK), but I believe that being an empath or having empath qualities naturally create caring and heart-awakening yoga teachers and therapists.


Here are some reflections and observations:

🌟 Empaths naturally tune in to the needs and subtle changes of others

This is something that is simply built-in! sometimes it can be very overwhelming – At best, it can be one of the most important tools we have when working with clients and students.

🌟 Empaths are usually great at holding space for others

Most empaths are fantastic at holding a safe and comfortable space for others – even when we may be bad at doing it for our Self! Some examples: Other people usually feel comfortable sharing personal things wth empaths. Empaths are usually the friend or family member that people come to for a shoulder to cry on. Empaths often enjoy caring for others too. These are just some general points that most empaths can relate to.

Holding space is about allowing others to simply be who they are and to explore their Self. With the above examples, these are powerful qualities that we can extend in our therapy room or yoga class room.

People are also very quick to pick up these qualities! We can’t forget that clients/students also pick their therapists and teachers for a good reason – This point is not something you can fake as many new clients/students will naturally pick up on your energy too and if you genuinely care about their well-being.

🌟 Empaths can use their key awareness skills

Every empath will have a unique way of using their awareness. Some will have a good eye for details, some will go with their intuition alone, some tune in to the tone of voices… and sometimes it is a mix of what we naturally use to pick up things from our environment.

It’s the same with which therapy or yoga type we feel drawn to. There are SO many therapies and types of yoga out there – We may often feel drawn to some (or one) more than the others. Maybe this has a lot to do with how we naturally process our awareness. For example: Someone who is more physically aware might enjoy receiving/giving a therapy/yoga type that helps them explore the physical aspect more. I will share my own example, I am more of a gut-feeling and energy shifting empath, so I was drawn to therapies like Reiki and yoga like Kundalini yoga.

Your awareness skills will be an important part of how you work with your students. Once you are clear and honest about how and what you are naturally good at using to tune in to the people/places around you, you can extend this into your holistic work with others. You can eventually tailor your strengths to attract students/clients who also understand this.

Reflections Question: How do you gain awareness of the people and environement around you? And how can you explore this in your holistic journey?

🌟 A great working environment to use our creativity

It’s not all yoga mats and incense! I get the impression that many people think yoga teachers and holistic therapists have no stress in their life – The opposite can often be true! In my own journey and by working behind the scenes at yoga studios and with teams of therapists, stress and burn-out is a hot topic! No matter what we are going through (we are all human, with our own highs/lows), we have to hold space and leave our *stuff* at the door to work in this field. This is a fine balancing act. It is also a reminder to be really on top of our own Self care routines.

That being said, there are no words to describe how rewarding it is! No matter how bad I feel before teaching a class, I always leave feeling full of love. I feel reminded of why I am still doing this – even when it has been a struggle sometimes.

This working environment offers a flexible space where we can be our Self and be as creative as we like! Empaths often find that they need an outlet to channel their energy and being a yoga teacher (and holistic therapist) is one of the most beautiful spaces of transformation… both within and through our learning experiences.

🌟 An empowering journey ahead…

There is no end goal – It just keeps expanding. Like a spiral staircase, it winds and goes through different levels. Just when you think you’ve conquered one floor, it opens up other spiral to follow, step-by-step. Every day, there is new research, new techniques, new ideas – this field is constantly evolving. More and more people are also choosing this as part of their own lifestyle choices. Just look at how popular yoga has become over the last 5 years – it has boomed!

Empaths remind me of trees in this world. Trees are the great balancers, between the higher and deeper realms. I feel that there is a beautiful calling for many empaths to share their unique journey in this field.

If you are thinking of or being inspired to explore becoming a yoga teacher or holistic therapist, I encourage you with an open heart! Even if you don’t work with others professionally, the tools you will gain will only serve to enhance your own empath qualities.  Enjoy the journey ❤️

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